Christian Bale As ‘Gorr The God Butcher’ Confirmed For Thor: Love & Thunder

Christian Bale As Gorr The God Butcher:

Disney’s Investor Day is going down as the biggest day of 2020 if we talk about good news on good news. It’s just a big pile that we cannot get enough of. We all how patiently we have been waiting for Thor: Love and Thunder, but what if we tell you that something huge is on its way? Yes, hold your horses and sit back because this is huge. Gorr the God Butcher is on his way to reigning supreme hell on our beloved gods, and he straight up agonizes. 

Christian Bale As Gorr The God Butcher

But what we love the most is, that Christian Bale is all set to star as Gorr the God Butcher in Thor: Love and Thunder, which is set to release on May 6, 2022, as the release date was pushed further from February 11 following the announcement in Disney’s Investor Day event. Fans are particularly not surprised with the casting confirmation but they likely had no idea as to who would Bale play in Thor: Love and Thunder, directed by Taika Waititi. The fans are ready to embrace all the new elements that are being introduced by the writer Jason Aaron and this new character, which was co-created by Aaron, and are ready to welcome Gorr on the big screen.

In the comics, Gorr did not believe that gods exist after a tragedy befell upon him in which his family died, and so he did not believe in the concept of gods. But upon the discovery of knowledge that gods do exist, Gorr vowed to kill them all as punishment for letting him go through the pain of losing his loved ones and not stepping in between to prevent such tragedies. Gorr is driven by his anger and extreme hatred towards God who didn’t act towards saving his family. 

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Executive producer Brad Winderbaum, on a set visit with the CombicBook, shared that elements of Gorr were embraced for Cate Blanchett’s Hela.

“A lot of the design of Hela is a combination of the early Jack Kirby stuff but also…especially his power set, the villain Gorr, who has a very specific power set of being able to manifest an infinite number of weapons,” Winderbaum said.

“We are doing a version of that, not exactly, but a version of that for Hela in our movie.”

The producer continued,

“Because in the books Hela can kind of touch people and they die and sometimes she can do all sorts of different things and we really tried to specify and narrow it into very specific skill sets.”

Christian Bale As Gorr The God Butcher

It’s actually shocking that Bale is playing another actual comic book character after playing the Caped Crusader in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Fans of DC loved him as the Batman. I’m not interested in doing that,” Bale shared with Collider back in 2017 when discussing a return to the world of superheroes.

“I can’t remember a single superhero film that I’ve ever watched. Apart from the ones I made and like, the Christopher Reeve Superman films.”

More news on Thor: Love and Thunder can fall any time now and we are as excited as you are. Maybe we can even get to see some set photos of Bale playing Gorr going against Thor’s toe to toe, we don’t know yet, we are just guessing but it is fun. 

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