10 Superheroes Who Were Created By Terrible Accidents

Not all superheroes have had powers since childhood, some got them by terrible accidents, while some superheroes got experimented on. Here is a list of some such awesome superheroes:

The Hulk

A nuclear physicist, Dr. Bruce Banner was working for the U.S. Govt. making Gamma bombs, this is exactly when an irresponsible teen (obviously) comes running towards the bomb and Banner, in order to save him pushes him to a trench, coming directly into contact with the bomb himself, with Gamma radiations all over him, alright at that time later that night he transforms into the Hulk, after that the life has never been just the same for the once ‘pun Bruce’ as now he had rage attacks, had to be put under surveillance and was even sent out into space just so that his planet is safe from him.


Of course, Spider-Man was the first of whom we thought when we started writing this list, and you when you started reading it. We all know how the web-head got his powers. While on a field trip, Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive Spider, very much like Dr. Bruce Banner, at that time nothing happens to the future superhero. But later that day he feels different and we know how that went. Parker wasn’t the only one though who got bitten by the spider. Cindy Moon, who later became the superhero Silk was also bitten by the spider.


The son of Doctor Silas Stone, when comes in contact with an alien, who comes out when his parents are experimenting is left mortally wounded. This situation results in his father using the powers of the mother box to save his son’s life, which gives him an enhanced vision, durability, super strength and cybernetic powers. Dude all his life has to stay close to a charging port though. Cyborg also has been made one of the founding members of the Justice League, who knew the once chirpy Teen Titan would have so much sass.

Captain America

Steve Rogers, a scrawny young art student wants to serve his country during the World War but gets rejected every time due to his small size. He then, due to his persistence is selected by the General and is given the Super Soldier Serum that makes him be Captain America.


Wade Wilson when diagnosed with cancer, gets a bit desperate to prolong his life. He then signs up for the Weapon-X program and is injected with Wolverine’s self-healing strength. He not only becomes immune to cancer but also develops regenerative capabilities, his body gets covered in Blisters though making him look like, well you don’t want to know what he looks like on the inside. Just talking about his body, not a soul. Or are we?

Iron Man

Iron Man has to be the most full of himself sarcastic character that the Marvel Universe has had to offer. Billionaire Philanthropist Playboy, Tony Stark armors himself in his own creation to fight off villains and score some chicks. This didn’t happen so normally, in the comics a terrorist named Wong Chu is the one who activated a boobie trap because of which a bomb explodes and shrapnel is about to reach Tony’s chest, to stop it from travelling to his heart and to escape Tony creates a suit which also gave him the idea of becoming ‘Iron Man’.

The Specter


The Specter is one of the terrifying anti-heroes from the comics. Someone who is actually the spirit of revenge, the Specter received his powers after he died. This happened in this way that, he once was to be at an engagement, where on his way, three criminals but him in a barrel, pour cement on him and let him drown in the river, where he dies. There he is met with a voice of the Darkness asking him if he wanted to exact revenge on the culprits.

Doctor Manhattan

Doctor John Osterman, a nuclear physicist was a really humble, kind human being who was one day locked in the intrinsic chamber, where he died in a matter of seconds. Some days later he started reappearing. First as a nervous system, then as a skeletal body and then as muscle structure. He now is an all powerful cosmic being.

The Flash

Barry Allen, the fastest man alive wasn’t born with the super-speed. An explosion at the Star Labs made him what he is today… the fastest superhero in DC.

The Thing

Ben Grimm is someone of whom we all think about when we think about any’thing’. Puns aside, The Thing was created when Ben and his other three team members go on a science mission and develop superpowers. While Human Torch, The Invisible girl, and Mr. Fantastic got incredible super powers, Ben too got an unbreakable skin and super looks, making him the ever so strong, ‘The Thing’.

Honorable Mentions: Invisible Girl, Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic, Winter Soldier.

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