Superman v Superman: Who Will Emerge As A Winner?

Superman on any medium is breathtaking! Big screen or on the TV show. We have witnessed Superman go through many changes over the years and I must say, it just keeps getting better and better. But ever noticed, On the TV show looks way better than the Superman in the movies played by Henry Cavill (or is that just me?!)

Confused?! Read on!


There is no doubt what so ever that Henry Cavill has done a fine job in portraying the role of Superman in Dawn of Justice: Batman v Superman. But Tyler Hoechlin has done an amazing job in playing the Superman in the Season 2.


Clark Kent played by Hoechlin’s on the TV show shows him humble in daily life with an ounce of humanity in him behind the tough exterior. Which certainly is refreshing to watch. Whereas the Kent Clark played by Cavill, shows him serious and tensed all the time.

Facial expressions say it all. Henry Cavill carried the role in the movie pretty well, however, the character, on the whole, seemed humorless. Whereas Hoechlin’s version, is all smile while playing his part. And this is something the audience have really enjoyed. While Cavill just takes on his duty to save the world, Hoechlin’s sure makes it look a whole lot of fun while saving the world.


Do we have friends already?! Henry Cavill’s version had a lot of trouble making friends and he seemed a person on his own, whereas Hoechlin’s version, he sure knows how to be a people pleaser.


A hero for the people – DC’s Extended Universe has made it difficult and grim, putting people on edge with Cavill’s version. While Hoechlin’s version is already setting up a fan club, serving people with a smile on his face.


Handsome is the second name for Superman – but when it comes to Henry Cavill’s version just fails to us his charm on people and always seen frowning. On the other hand,Hoechlin’s accepts the remarks from people around him and can be a charmer when needed.

So there you have it. Henry Cavill’s Superman against the much loved Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. It would be great to see Hoechlin’s version in the DC Extended Universe bringing more fun to the character.

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