How Marc Spector Died Before Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is taking some interesting turns after being the first Disney+ series with the first attempt at the live-action depiction of the characters. The series is slowly opening up the details regarding the narrative of the character. It was interesting to see how the series goes against the style of the usual MCU projects and the shows that we got to see last year. The characters are being explored right from the beginning and this is also allowing for viewers to get an idea about them. Another interesting aspect in the history of the character of Marc Spector. According to the latest episode of Moon Knight, Marc Spector died in the past but the exact details are kept under wraps. Let us have a look at the theory below about how Marc Spector died before Moon Knight:

Moon Knight

As we are going ahead with the narrative of the series, we are getting a chance to explore the multiple personalities of Steven Grant. While it might have started with Grant, we are starting to see more and more of Marc Spector. The second episode saw Spector take full control as he is headed for the big upcoming mission now that the scarab is in the hands of Harrow. While we have discovered that Spector became Moon Knight quite a long time before the events of the series, we are yet to see what happened during the early time of him being Moon Knight.


Marc Spector Died

There was a lot of mystery regarding how Marc Spector became Moon Knight. This is something that has been a part of the mythology of the character in the comics. But the series hasn’t been explored yet but clearly hinted this indication was present right from the first episode when a mysterious girl ended up asking Grant how it was like to have been rejected from the afterlife by Egyptian gods when he died. Later in episode 2, it becomes quite obvious that he had died prior to the events of the series. When Khonshu is talking to Marc, he mentions that the latter was “nothing but a corpse” when he found him.


Marc Spector’s Death In Comics

Spector’s death and the reason behind it have hardly been touched on in the series yet. But fans of Marvel Comics might be aware of his death as a part of the arc of the character in his origin. Spector was hired as a mercenary by Bushman to attack an archaeological site. Marc ends up disagreeing with Bushman’s decision to kill many of the individuals. In the process of saving the people associated with the site, Spector is found by Bushman and shot multiple times. During this very moment, Khonshu ends up discovering him and resurrects him to give him the powers of Moon Knight.


How Marc Spector died

There is no clear indication if this is the exact origin that MCU is using for the character. But there are various references to this in the second episode as Spector had died before. When his passport is investigated by the authorities we find that there is a lot of detail that parallels this origin story. Here we find that he was a mercenary in the past and police officers even called him an international fugitive associated with an archaeological site. The killings in this site are actually stated to be execution-style killings and this clearly makes the comics origin canon.


We might get to see more of this origin in the series as we are exploring more of the character. Even though the series seems to be more focused on the present situation, things might change as we proceed toward Harrow’s plans regarding the rise of Ammit. New episodes for Moon Knight will be released every week on the Disney+ streaming platform.

What do you think about how Marc Spector died before Moon Knight? there’s a lot more coming as the series continues to stream on Disney+. Tell us your answers in the comments.


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