Why Storm Is The Most Important Marvel Hero Now

The Marvel comics are truly surreal with their content material. They exist as the opposite of DC’s gritty tone. Marvel can be grim, but the colors on their pages always tell a different story. X-Men are some of the most important characters in Marvel, as are the mutants. One of the most powerful mutants is Storm. She is why you call an omega-level. She wreaks havoc with her weather-altering powers. Now, with the latest story arc in S.W.O.R.D. #8 Storm has become the most important Marvel hero.

Marvel comic verse is very different from the MCU. While the MCU is only limited to metahumans and the planet earth, the civilization of Marvel comicverse has spread throughout our local solar system. After the recent events in the comics, the mutant population of Arakko has settled on Mars. The X-Men terraformed the planet for this purpose. Mars has also been renamed to Arakko. And Storm was responsible for much of the terraforming.

She achieved this colossal task with her powers of weather alteration. For this labor, she was named the first Regent of Arakko and further the voice of sol. The former title establishes her duty towards Arakko, and the second establishes her authority as the supreme leader of the solar system. She is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel comic multiverse who has now been crowned the leader of the solar system. Her powers have thus been multiplied a hundredfold, with every hero in the solar system behind her.


Storm has become the most important Marvel hero

Unlike the heroes with weaker minds, Storm has not succumbed to the temptation of power instead she has wielded it justly. She has tried her best to be a leader in times of turmoil and conflict. The hero has even ushered in an era of peace. But there are some in Arakko who challenge her rule. The Arakko people only understand strength, they can only respect strength not nobility. So they challenge Storm for the “Seat of All-Around-Us” in Arakko’s great ring.


The Most Important Marvel Hero

Storm accepts this challenge and takes the fight to them. She quickly dispatches off their first challenger without even breaking a sweat. It is hard to defeat an omega level mutant, after all. But the next challenger to step into the ring is one Storm calls out. Tran steps up and threatens Storm with death. He uses his DNA altering powers and takes away Storm’s powers. She is undeterred by this tomfoolery. Without flinching Storm pushes forward with her blade. Soon her blade meets Tran’s skin and she pierces her chest.


Storm stares down the villain and asks him to yield. Tran refuses, thinking that she will not go through killing him. But Storm stands her ground. She insists that if Tran does not yield then she will be forced to end his life. Tran is sure that after losing her powers Storm is no longer capable of ruling. But she ensures him that she is still the voice of sol and the Regent of Arakko. Something as trivial as her powers have nothing to do with her responsibility. This is the moment that Tran gains immense respect for Storm.


The Voice Of Sol

Storm is a fierce warrior. She has done things, the like of which have never been seen before. The heroine is capable of rearing through armies in an instant and she is not afraid of any living soul. She does not know fear, does not know despair, only knows victory, kindness, and benevolence. The warrior is even ready to save a villain who has tried killing her multiple times. She also ruled Wakanda once with the storm breaker in her hands. The legend of Storm is known by every marvel comic reader.


The Most Important Marvel Hero

You cannot ignore her in the multiverse, even more so now that she is the supreme commander of the solar system. We wonder how things will develop in the future. But Storm is surely the most important Marvel hero now. What do you think of our analysis? Does it make sense? Or is it just too far-fetched? Maybe it is too complicated? Does it seem rather vague? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!

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