The Moon God Khonshu From Moon Knight Explained

There was a popular theory regarding the character of Khonshu appearing in the Disney+ series Moon Knight. This took a massive turn when fans got to see glimpses of the character in the recently released trailer for the series. Though the trailer didn’t give any clear idea towards the plot that the series will explore, we are pretty sure that Khonshu will be playing a significant role here. Not everybody will be aware of this character and what role he might be playing in the larger narrative for the MCU. Khonshu might have a major role to play in the future of the franchise based on what we know about the character from Marvel Comics. Let’s take a look at how important a role the Moon God Khonshu might play in the future of MCU which includes Avengers and Kang the Conqueror.


The trailer for Moon Knight was a clear indication that the series will actually be a rather dark narrative. There were a lot of scenes that actually indicated that the character will be explored in a rather significant manner. Oscar Isaac seems to be playing the role of Marc Spector in a rather interesting manner that will actually help us get accustomed to the disorder his character suffers from. But there is a certain driving force behind the character. We will see Marc Spector become the crime-fighting hero that he is known to be and we will actually see Khonshu having a hand at that. Khonshu actually grants Marc Spector the powers that he requires.


Moon God Khonshu

We saw Khonshu appear in the trailer when Spector was having one of his episodes, and he appeared in his iconic bird-skulled head form. According to Marvel Comics, Khonshu is actually the Egyptian god of the moon. But there was definitely no clear indication of his lineage or the origin of the character itself. The comics only indicate that he is an Elder God, who predates Earth and its human inhabitants. Spector becomes Moon Knight when he is left in an archeological raid and he ends up meeting Khonshu and Spector offers to service this deity.


Moon God Khonshu vs. Kang The Conqueror

In a particular narrative of the comics, the West Coast Avengers end up getting stranded in Ancient Egypt. This was the same time when Khonshu was dealing with a being who goes by the name of Rama-Tut who is actually one of the many personas of Kang the Conqueror. Here we get to see Hawkeye actually come face-to-face with Khonshu. The Avengers get paralyzed and are lying paralyzed on the temple’s ground. Hawkeye ends up meeting the Moon God in a fever dream and the latter helps the archer find a way back to their own timeline if he ends up helping defeat Rama-Tut.


Khonshu was mad against Rama-Tut because the latter had traveled in time to come to Ancient Egypt and he ends up tricking the local people to worship him. Not only that, he actually convinces the people to reject their old gods which included Khonshu. The Avengers with the help of Doctor Strange and the Fantastic Four stop Kang and are then sent back to their own timeline.


Khonshu & The Avengers

Khonshu actually had some experience working with the Avengers when they teamed up to defeat Rama-Tut and this put him in good graces with the team. The god wanted to join the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and that’s when he inhabited the body of Marc Spector in order to experience the latter’s time with the team. But things go awry when Khonshu is detected by Damien Hellstorm who convinces the god to depart. There weren’t many such moments where we saw Khonshu work with the Avengers but things did come to that when Mephisto ended up being a major threat to the world. But later Khonshu actually ends up being a threat to the world himself and he is imprisoned in the dungeons of Asgard.


These indicate that the Moon God Khonshu will be playing a major role in the future of the franchise. He might actually come to great help considering Kang might actually end up being the next big baddie after the Mad Titan. It seems that it won’t be very long till we get to see some of these major characters like Khonshu appearing in the MCU with a narrative.


Moon Knight will premiere on Disney+ on March 30.

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