14 Superheroes Who Slept With Their Villains

Among the infinite ways, one can explore their sexuality, one is where hatred is involved instead of love, where the two are not lovers but foes, where the two have been throwing punches and kicks at each other and finally one moment they come together for one purpose. Who better than the biggest enemies of the comic world to experience this pleasure. To take a look at times when these furious rivals have been on one side for one holy reason. Listed down are 14 superheroes or positive characters who got real nasty with their villains.

Batman and the Joker

In Flashpoint, flash altered the timeline to Bruce being killed instead of his parents. Things turned out such that Thomas Wayne became Batman and his wife Martha went insane over his son’s death creating a rancorous Joker out of her, who is still in love with Batman. Later in the arc, the Flash revealed the truth succeeding to which the two shared a kiss. Though all this happen in “Flashpoint” but this holy union of the biggest of enemies was a sight to watch.

The upcoming Flash movie will feature the greatest comic-book event in the history of Flash comics – Flashpoint. The movie is titled Flashpoint scheduled to release in 2020. It will adapt DC comic story arc written by Geoff Johns. When Barry Allen runs back in time and saves his mother, he creates an alternate timeline where he never becomes Scarlett speedster and DC universe is altered forever. In addition to Flashpoint being the main story for the Flash, it is also used to change the comic-book universe of other DC characters as well including Batman and Joker. When Flash travels back in time to save his mother, he completely alters the backstory of the Wayne family. Bruce Wayne ends up getting killed and his father Thomas Wayne becomes the Dark Knight while Martha Wayne goes insane and turns into female Joker.

Batman and Catwoman

Catwoman has been the dearest of all the villains to Batman and they have definitely been the most famous couple in the history of comic books. Be it the recent Tom king’s Batman issue, in Gotham’s young love vibe or the arcs of earth one where the two marry. Between all the bloody fights and havocs, Bruce and Catwoman find their naughty times and hell the two seem to steam up the pages of the comics and put fire all over the screens when together.

Batman and Talia Al Ghul

There are multiple dynamics to the relationship between Batman and Talia. Talia’s crush over Batman has turned into an obsession at many points, it crossed a point when Talia even raped him to get his ejaculates to bear a child with Bruce’s genes. Sometimes she does get back the requital for her love and the two end up making out. Though, against Talia’s desire, the two never get married but do hook up a lot of the times and had a child named Damian Wayne, who is the new Robin now.

Daredevil and Elektra

The man with no sight does have a great vision for beautiful women. After Frank Miller’s issue of “Daredevil#168”, when Daredevil and Elektra came face to face, they have been crossing each other’s paths repeatedly, not just paths rooms as well. In whatever manner, the two are always attracted towards one another. Either they fight or they make love but they somehow tend to be around each other.

Supergirl and Lex Luthor

On an Earth without Superman, a good Lex Luthor created Matrix who ultimately joined mainstream DC universe and Kents take her in, She then becomes Supergirl, Later in the arc she falls in love with a clone of Lex Luthor with original Lex Luther’s brain, which he has created to escape his body which had cancer spread in it. Supergirl fell for his lover but just to discover that she was being cloned but this man who claims to be Lex’s son.

Black Cat and Spider-Man


While most of the heroes and villains duos we have mentioned have just hooked up once or multiple times but Black Cat and Spider-Man have had quite an intense relationship but just for Spidey to return to Mary Jane. In the Superior Spider-Man, Octavius who took over Peter’s body had a fight with Black Cat and defeated her badly, she was then captured by the cops as he had left her too wounded. After this, the wild villains turned even more vindictive and filthy.

Gwen Stacy and Green Goblin

The character assassination of Gwen Stacy was even more awful than her death. As here due to a bad storyline, Gwen and Norman Osborne’s kids are shown to be born at a speeding rate, with Mary Jane leaking this information out to Peter, even putting her in a bad light. This arc had no positives at all and was hated by the fans.

Superman and Big Barda

Okay, this is out-rightly disgusting, though Barda is one of the New Gods now, she once worked for Darkseid. Here Superman and Big Barda shoot a porno. What’s even worse is that Barda’s spouse is watching them through a window enraged. To the comic’s defense they both were mind controlled but still, this storyline clearly showed how bonkers could the writers go.

Cyclops and Emma Frost

Cyclops has been part of X-Men since the very beginning. Emma Frost appeared in Uncanny X-Men #129 which is quite recent, where she was part of the Hell-fire club, a team of evil mutants who fought against the X-Men. In a shocking turn of events, Emma and Cyclops got close and Emma started to teach mutants on how to control their powers. Their chemistry was amazing, in fact, it was so good that comic-book fans thought that Cyclops and Emma Frost should have been romantically involved much sooner.

Over a period of time, what started out as an affair led to a lot of disastrous things. The effects of the Terrigen mist were lethal causing the death of Cyclops. It created a new race of In-humans but wiped out mutants. In the first issue of Death of X, Emma Frost was so devastated by his loss that she created a psychic projection of him, making it seem like he died in battle against Black Bolt. Soon, a war broke out between the Inhumans and X-Men and Emma Frost turned into this cold, evil creature.

Invisible Woman and Namor

Since the first appearance, Sue Storm has been the woman in need of help. If there is one person who sometimes fantasizes about her it’s the King of Atlantis, Namor.

However, there is no clarity in comics as to whether they actually hooked up or not as it is never explicitly mentioned. And by the way, Namor is not the only one, there is also Doctor Doom. During Secret Wars (2015), when Doom rewrites the Universe, he makes it in such a way that Sue Storm becomes his wife, his loving wife.

Ant-Man and Beetle

Ant-Man is a pretty weird guy if you think about it. He sometimes becomes so tiny to sexually satisfy women. On the other hand, he is a woman abuser. Once, he got merged with Ultron that distinctly portrays the BDSM relationship.

Guess what, he had sex with Beetle, who appeared in “The Superior Foes of Spider-Man”. Earlier, she’s had sex with Iron Man during the Superior Foes series. During the Last Days of Ant-Man event, Scott Lang and Beetle are spending their last moments together as the universe is exploding. It leads to the famous “Secret Wars” storyline.

Holograms and Misfits

They both have been enemies for decades in comics, but once Hologram Kimber, a red-haired lesbian fell for the gorgeous and awesome Misfit Stormer. There were many ups and downs in their relationship but they were able to withstand all of it together.

Wasp and Magneto

They are a pretty strange couple that can be brought together only through a major battle. During original Secret Wars, we see them kissing amidst mayhem and chaos, although it was later revealed that Wasp was playing a trick on Magneto. And she also hooked up with Deadpool revealed in comic “Deadpool’s Secret Wars”.

Juggernaut and She-Hulk

This seems the weirdest couple made in heaven. Who could possibly have sex with evil Juggernaut other than She-Hulk, probably no one? In Uncanny X-Men #435, the two had a wild fling which destroyed the bed and at that time She-Hulk was representing Juggernaut in the court which made things complicated.

Madame HYDRA and Wolverine

Madame HYDRA is one of the most ruthless and powerful lady in Marvel universe. She is almost obsessed with Wolverine and went to the extent of locking him in the mental matrix prison and forced him to fall in love with her.

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