5 Super Villains Who Are Actually Not That Bad

Comic books have always portrayed the world as black and white. There are the good guys who try to protect the innocent and there are the bad guys who want to cause chaos and destruction to the world. That was in the past. Nowadays, characters are in gray areas where their motives and actions always have a story which a reader may agree with or not.Of course, there are still those psychopathic criminals that are just plain deranged like The Joker or Red Skull. Then there are the villains who are not so bad if you get to know them. In fact, they’re kind of really nice people. Here is a list of five not so bad guys:

1) Bane:

Bane is one of Batman’s greatest opponents.He always had a brilliant mind which went with his enhanced body.There have been a few instances where Bane chose to show his humanity-When Bane took a bullet for the Dark Knight when he was battling his father King Snake.And when Bane fought with Batman when he thought he was related to Batman.The movie version of Bane also saw him as being nurturing to Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter.

2) Doctor Octopus:

Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock is one of Spider-Man’s deadliest foes.He has led a life of crime to further finance his scientific researches.Doc Ock showed his more humane side when Spider-Man and the doctor switched bodies in “Amazing Spider-Man” #698 (2012)He does not continue with his devious ways when he is in Spider-Man’s body,instead continues to do the work that Spider-Man does-protecting innocents from villains and criminals.This showed that the Doctor was not all villain all the time.

3) Magneto:

Although Magneto is one of the greatest foes of the X-Men, he cannot be considered evil.He simply has a different mindset of what he sees as wrong.After witnessing the horrific nature of prejudice that humans had against mutants, he formed the Brotherhood of Mutants to eradicate all humans and instead have mutants as a dominent species. X-Men co-creator Stan Lee said that he never saw Magneto as a villain; he saw Magneto more as a variation on Malcolm X, someone who believed in using violence for his causes.

4) Harley Quinn:


Although Harley Quinn is the sidekick of a psychopath ,she is not one.She is simply a woman involved with a manipulative man who controls her and abuses her.Harley Quinn proves that she is not actually bad with her caring relationship with fellow villain Poison Ivy.She also went from criminal to hero or anti-hero when she joins Suicide Squad to fight crime.

5) Bizarro:


Bizarro is the clone of Superman who comes from an alternate earth where he is like Superman.He is Superman’s exact opposite. He has freeze vision and heat breath, talks backward and carries out crimes instead of fighting them. He’s driven to destroy for the same reason Superman is driven to help.But Bizarro ultimately just wants to be accepted and loved like Superman but does not have Superman’s intelligence. He has a conscience and is capable of regretting and trying to fix his mistakes. In the end, well-meaning and more clumsy than evil.

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