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8 Projects That Doctor Strange 2 Can Set Up For Phase 5 and Beyond

Ever since Kevin Feige announced the creation of the multiverse in the MCU, fans have been seeing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as MCU’s next big thing after No Way Home. The movie is going to be a pit-stop for all the stories originating in the Disney+ series since WandaVision. Its massive star cast includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Wong and Xochitl Gomez, and we believe that there are several projects that Doctor Strange 2 can set up for the future.

Doctor Strange 2 is Casting New Sorceress

MoM is a highly anticipated movie with many storylines intertwining in the big picture. After seeing the previous works of Phase 4, fans are sure that MoM is going to feature a lot of easter eggs and hints for future movies. Redditors and Twitter users have thought of a lot of possible future storylines that can make their way in the movie. We have gathered and broken down these theories for you that could make their way in MCU. Using them, we’re going to see all the projects that Doctor Strange 2 can set up for Phase 5 and beyond.



WandaVision was a prominent moment for the MCU. It was the first spin-off series of MCU, under the ownership of Disney. Moreover, it marked the premiere of MCU’s Phase 4. The Infinity Saga was an emotional roller-coaster for Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff. She lost her brother, her family and just when she started to fall in love with Vision, Thanos killed him. The 9-episode series was a series of steps that Wanda had to get through to overcome her grief. Sadly, the creators have declared that they have no intention for a season 2. However, the series directly sets up Wanda with the Kamar-Taj and she is set to appear in MoM.


The series ended with a tragic event, with Wanda breaking the spell she cast on the town, which killed her version of Vision and their kids. However, the series also left some loose ends-Evan Peters’ Ralph Bohner, Agatha Harkness’ warning, and many more. Plus, fans want to desperately see more of the infamous Scarlett Witch. Anthony Mackie’s Captain America also premiered in the episodic format and is still getting a movie in the future. And with White Vision trying to figure out his purpose, we might see WandaVision reunite. However, the format of this project can be a theatrical movie or a disney+ series with a different name.



What if…? is the latest Disney+ series and its first episode premiered on August 11. The first episode made us ponder the question, ‘What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?‘ The episode followed the events after Agent Carter took the super-soldier serum, instead of Steve Rogers. Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter immediately became a fan favorite. However, since the series is animated, adopting the characters in a live-action project is fairly difficult. Although, rumors have revealed that Captain Carter will be the first What If…? to cross the bridge between animation and live-action.


MoM will make fans witness the multiverse sliced open for endless possibilities. In addition to his, Atwell has declared her wish to explore her character further in MCU. Moreover, with the absence of a serum-enhanced leader, the Avengers seem incomplete and Captain Carter might be the answer. Fans are repeatedly asking for a Captain Carter’s solo-action movie or even a series. A solo movie for a character from an alternate dimension may be a good addition to the MCU roster.



Projects that Doctor Strange 2 can set up

Mordo was one of the masters in Kamar-taj when Strange first came in. Mordo was established as a stubborn character who respect the Natural Law above everything. After the main events of the movie, he leaves Kamar-Taj to go on his own. The post-credits scene reveals him going on a dark path of purification of the world of unworthy sorcerers. He was seen killing Jonathan Pangborn because Pangborn left Kamar-Taj but used its knowledge for his own selfish purposes.


With Doctor Strange tampering with reality again, Mordo’s return seems inevitable. Even though he is set to return in MoM, fans want to see him as the main villain. Shuma-Gorath, an inter-dimensional beast, is set to return in MCU. And rumors reveal that some sorcerers will come together to defeat him once and for all. Mordo might be one of them or he might be the one who goes after the sorcerer who opened the portal for the beast in the first place.



America Chavez is a rather new character in the comics and is now making its debut in MCU. The character will be brought to life by 16-year old Xochitl Gomez and will play a prominent role in the movie. According to the comics, America Chavez is a being from a different dimension that is beyond time. Her inter-dimensional powers may be the key that closes the Multiverse and all the threats that follow.


As of now, Marvel is trying to assemble a Young Avengers team. They have already teased Kid Loki, Wiccan, Speed, Ms. Marvel and Kate Bishop. And America Chavez is next. But her fans want a solo movie for the character. Or even a Disney+ series dedicated to her time in the Utopian Parallel. The character has been featured in a lot of issues over the years, so a series for her adventures make more sense.



The finale of Loki has set up the MCU’s next big-bad, Kang and his variants. Throughout the comics, Kang has many variants including Kang The Conqueror, Immortus and He-Who-Remains. He-Who-Remains has already warned about the incoming threat and fans have never been more excited. Kang is said to be a time-travelling villain who will step in as the big-bad in Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania. Although a cameo foreshadowing his debut in this movie might be perfect for keeping the fans at the edge of their seats.



The Midnight Sons is a band of dark-magic sorcerers who have saved the universe on several occasions. The fourth episode of What If…? featured Doctor Strange performing dark magic to bring back her true love. The other members of the groups, namely Blade, Ghost Rider, Punisher, and Moon Knight already exist or is set to debut in the future. And this might seem like the perfect opportunity to introduce this group. Recently, Marvel released a game named Midnight Suns, and fans can’t help but notice the hint. The game might be a tease for the future teaming up of the anti-hero wizards.



Projects that Doctor Strange 2 can set up

The Disney+ series has confirmed that Loki is going to play a major role in the multiverse. And being responsible for the creation of the Multiverse, Sylvie’s appearance in the film makes sense. Ever since the finale aired, Reddit and Twitter are filled with rumors that Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino are going to appear in MoM. And with the announcement for season 2 of Loki, fans are confident that the series will kick off from MoM. Understandably, the movie will feature the TVA’s Loki Variant around whom the series is based.



Marvel has finally acquired all the rights of characters previously owned by 20th Century Fox, including the X-Men and the mutants. Moreover, the rumours have been going around that Wanda will be seen fighting an X-Men in MoM. However, the answer to who is going to play the character is still unclear. Theories are flying like kites on Independence Day. Some fans want to see Wanda fighting the anti-hero Magneto while some fans want Wanda face-to-face with the all-powerful Dark Phoenix. Nevertheless, mutants will be stepping into the main MCU but no further information is released to the public yet. If mutants are going to step in, then the emergence of the multiverse might be their best chance to avoid any continuity errors.

What are your views as to what will happen after Doctor Strange: Multiverse Of Madness? Comment your theories below.

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