Doctor Strange Joins Wanda and Sylvie to Create Multiverse of Madness

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone from docile linear storytelling to a franchise spanning over 24 released films and so much external media that it will make your head spin. The franchise has so many branching stories that it gets problematic at times to keep track of all of them, include in this the multiverse and you have a true recipe for disaster. Loki taught us that if the sacred timeline is not preserved it will lead to a multiversal war. The show also taught us that we can do whatever we want. So Sylvie killed He Who Remains and ushered in the multiverse. But what is more interesting is the What if…? show that is airing right now and along with it the new Spider-Man trailer. In the New No Way Home trailer, Doctor Strange Joins Wanda and Sylvie to Create a Multiverse of Madness.

As the trailer starts we are met with a very strange universe. Although this is the place we call home it no longer has the warmth of one. After the end of Spider-Man: Far for Home, the entire world was informed that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. This may not be so bad in isolation but sadly the man who revealed the identity of Spider-Man also released doctored footage of Spider-Man killing him.

Yes, in the after-credits scene of the second Spider-Man movie Mysterio tricked the entire world into believing his false accusation. As things stand in the MCU people believe that Spider-Man is a Hero killer. Co sequentially, Peter is fed up with the accusations and is seen approaching the Sanctum Santorum. Peter asks Strange to do a simple spell so that the entire world forgets Mysterio’s lies. The spell, however, goes wrong (big surprise) and strange ends up opening a hole into the multiverse.

The Multiverse

Doctor Strange Joins Wanda

Dr Strange tells Peter multiple times that he must not hinder with the spell but the young hero does not listen. The ensuing tampering of the spell ended up displacing Peter and Strange in the multiverse. The entire thing is bollocks, it is warned against by Wong before he leaves but Strange does not listen. This does lead to a very eventful trailer but it is going to be a story that does not affect the larger MCU. Unless the action Dr Strange takes is meant to happen. Now, listen to me for a moment, the actions of Strange may be predetermined in a way to cause the rupture in space-time.

Ergo it was intentional to get Spider-Man in a position where he was vulnerable enough to ask strange to change things, at the same time the events were structured in a way that Peter would interfere with the spell. But who would have the knowledge and the expertise necessary to pull such a thing off, of course, it has to be someone who is already aware of the multiverse? If you think about it, it is a pretty short list. And we bet that Kang has something to do with all these nexus events creating the multiverse over and over again.

Doctor Strange Joins Wanda

Everything from Wanda Maximoff’s supernova to Loki’s adventures in the TVA was Kang’s doing. And now he has engineered the sacred timeline to the point where every choice can create the multiverse. So strange is the next powerful person to take up the role of the discoverer, and that is just as well because we needed someone knowledgeable to be aware of the problem. A Universal war is coming and Strange finds himself in the opening battle as the vanguard of the MCU.

Multiverse of Madness

The sorcerer supreme has crossed the time gods for the last time. He has tempted fate one too many times and must now pay the price of his transgressions. The more he resists, the more he entraps himself into a very dangerous loop. When things come to the Multiverse Strange is just a novice and he has played right into the hands of a genius. Can’t has played all the heroes like a flute and opened up a place where different timelines and iterations of the characters are clashing with each other. The appearance of Dr Octavious is the proof we need. Things are going to become much crazier than what we are used to.

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