All Roads Lead To Kang In Secret Wars

We think that all roads lead to Kang in Secret Wars. Let me explain what I mean. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen some tremendous growth over the past couple of years. There are two major reasons for this. The first one is the introduction of some of the most powerful factions of Marvel into the MCU, this includes The Celestials and the mystical realm of Shang-Chi. However, we tend to forget that there is a looming threat in the MCU that is coming to end us all. Just like the talk of Thanos dominated the Infinity Saga, the fandom cannot help but wonder, when will Kang show up. There have been numerous theories and rumors suggesting that a Kang variant will be present in Moon Knight or Multiverse of Madness but all of them have been debunked by the latest releases.

Secret Wars, however, is a setting built for Kang, to an extent. Traditionally, in the Marvel comics, this event happens when an all-powerful God with the ability to affect reality itself kidnaps all of the Marvel heroes and forces them to battle within themselves. It is a very bleak premise but it makes for a very entertaining story. The first iteration of this story was released in 1984 when The Beyonder created the first Battleworld but fans have another version of the story that they prefer over all others. I am talking about the God Doom storyline. There was a time when Doctor Victor Von Doom took the powers of The Beyonder with the help of Doctor Strange and he made a Battleworld to ensure that the multiverse does not fall apart.


Kang in Secret Wars

It was a desperate attempt by Doom to help the Marvel universe. Ever since Kang has been introduced in the MCU, all the fans have wanted this Secret Wars story to come to live-action. There is only one problem, Doom does not exist in the MCU as of now. With the release of Multiverse of Madness, we know that Mr. Fantastic and the Mutants are MCU canon but they are not present in the main universe. Hence, the dream of a true Secret Wars adaptation will have to remain a dream. But we think we know what Marvel is doing.


Kang in Secret Wars

More likely than not, they are attempting to replace Doom with Kang in Secret Wars. It is a well-known fact that Kang will be the one to instigate the multiversal war in an attempt to take control of the multiverse. He may start by acquiring unparalleled power and testing it out on the Marvel heroes. Loki’s season finale set up the villain but we haven’t heard a peep about him since. We thought that the MCU might have been riddled with Kang variants by now. But they seem to be waiting for something. It is our theory that Phase VI will have Kang as the villain in every live-action franchise.


Several Kangs will challenge the MCU heroes and force them to collaborate in an effort to stop this monster. When the Avengers get together once again, they will assume that they have won but that will be the moment that Kang will pull out his ultimate trick and trap everyone in the battleworld. He will bring all of his multiversal adversaries into a place where he is in control and here he will attempt to take them out one by one. All roads lead to this.


The Future

We say this because the MCU has been building to a fever pitch for quite some time now. They have introduced a large number of characters including some cosmic powerhouses. This will limit them from presenting a complex narrative in one film. So we think that Marvel Studios will choose to present all of these narratives simultaneously. With Moon Knight‘s Rama-Tut, Loki‘s He Who Remains, Doctor Strange 3‘s Kang variant, and Thor 5‘s Kang villain getting a much-needed combined explanation on the Battlworld.


Of course, all of this is purely speculation at this point. We cannot know what shape or form the Secret Wars storyline will take in the MCU. Still, we hope it is something that we can get on board with.

Are you excited to see Kang in Secret Wars? Let us know what you think about this down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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