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12 Movies You Should Stop Hating. They Deserve Better

With the dawn of the 21st century came the internet. Like many things in this world, it has two sides. Where it gave us a platform to practice our freedom of speech, it also gave internet trolls the same platform to spread hate. And that too, on a scale that caused the entire world hate a perfectly good thing. Today we bring you 12 examples of the effects of internet hate. This list contains some of the movies you should stop hating. We are not saying that they were good but they didn’t deserve the hate they got.

1. MAN OF STEEL (2013)

Snyder went against the base plot of the Superman movies of the past. He didn’t try to make the movie happy because, in his vision, Superman’s story was quite dark and gritty. And that was quite visible in his Man of Steel. However, it didn’t sit well among the fans of the righteous superhero. Some of the viewers of the movie were so stubborn that they didn’t want to see a darker side of the superhero’s life. They just didn’t wanna see Superman breaking the no-kill rule. The movie justified him breaking this rule but trolls and haters didn’t want to see it.

And then came the events of the movie. The movie featured Superman as a hero figure. A hero who destroyed almost half the town while fighting the supervillain. And then they worshipped him like an overlord. Viewers just could digest that the people, who lost a lot of their loved ones, would be able to love Superman after his battle to save Earth.


2. PROMETHEUS (2012)Alien Characters in Movies

Being a prequel to a blockbuster movie of the past is difficult as it is. Prometheus was a sequel to the 1979-classic, Alien, and was supposed to explain the origin of the Xenomorphs. The movie may not have been up to par with the fans’ expectations but the movie was still a cinematic success. With Michael Fassbender in the lead, Ridley Scott created a movie worthy of being a predecessor to Alien.

Movies you should stop hating

Despite this, many fans seem to have hated the movie because of its difference from the original movie. And these stubborn fanboys hated Ridley Scott for it. What they don’t understand is that this difference was necessary to make the movie realistic. However, there were some visible flaws, namely the stupidity of the scientists. They are scientists, so they should know what they are doing.



Following a film as good as Casino Royale(2006) proved to be quite difficult for QoS. Casino Royale introduced Daniel Craig as the infamous Agent 007 for the first time, and fans immediately fell in love with him. Casino Royale had the perfect blend of violence, intelligence and humor for the Secret Service Agent. However, QoS seemed to have dwindled on this blend. Despite what some geeky fanboys said about the movie, QoS was a good, if not very good, James Bond movie. And these fanboys have to understand just how difficult it was to shoot the movie when the story was not even complete. (on account of the Writer’s Strike of 2007-08).

Bond films are known for their runtime. And it is something else that QoS wasn’t able to set right. The movie was only 106-minutes long, which is quite short for an average James Bond movie, which is, more than two hours. This short runtime affected the outcome of the story and made the plot feel rushed.


4. TWILIGHT (2008)

The Twilight Saga is one of the most hated franchises of the 21st Century. Poor character development and incomplete plot lines are some of the reasons that critics disliked the Saga. However, most of the viewers hated it for more obvious reasons, namely the cringy acting and sparkling Vampire skin. We are not saying we disagree with them, but we do! At least for the first one. Despite its obvious flaws, the first movie of the trilogy doesn’t deserve the hate the sequels got.


The first Twilight movie was fairly good because of it being relatable to many teenage girls of that time. They could understand Bella and what she was going through. This was something that many people didn’t understand and declared the movie- bad. It is very easy to pretend to agree with the majority, and that’s what most of the internet haters did. However, if you sit back patiently and check out the movie, you’d see the hard work Catherine Hardwicke put in to bring out the best from the plot.



Movies you should stop hating

The Matrix was one of the best sci-fi movies of all time and still is. However, like many franchises over the years, the quality of The Matrix Revolutions couldn’t keep up with the original. But that is not a reason to bury the movie under the ground even without checking out what the movie set out to feature. The Matrix Revolutions was the end of a trilogy and was supposed to bring Neo’s story in a full circle, which it did. But it could have been done in a better way, that we can not deny.

Highest Grossing Movies of Keanu Reeves

The movie’s goodness is upon the perspective of the viewers. If you check out the movie as the end of an awesome trilogy, you’d see it as a masterpiece. But if you constantly compare it with the original, then it is unfair to the writer, the director and, the movie itself. The same happened in the case of 2003’s The Matrix Reloaded, and it broke the Matrix fans’ hearts to see it happen to the Revolutions as well.



When someone sets out to make a live-action iteration of a comic book, he/she tries to fully capture the main character’s essence. However, in the case of Constantine, the creators decided to change the character completely by discarding the core aspects of his identity, namely the blonde hair and the English accent. However, Reeves was too good in the movie to hate him for his hair and accent. Fans may not have liked him but he doesn’t deserve the hate, like Shia LeBouef’s character. That was just infuriating.

Plus, the VFX in the movie was too good to hate the movie. And then came some of the best performances of their careers from Tilda Swinton and Peter Stormare. Well, if you have watched the movie, you seriously can not hate the movie, simply because you have seen Stormare as Lucifer.


7. VAN HELSING (2004)

Well, Van Helsing wasn’t hated per se. Fans just didn’t feel excited after watching scenes that were supposed to be the best of the movie. The plot was rushed, with one monster coming after another, giving no breathing room to the audience. And then came the main villains- the vampires. Some people are just not scared of the egg-laying vampires. And this spoiled the illusion of the monsters that the filmmakers wanted to create.

But you have to agree that when it came to the outcome, the good stuff outweighed the bad ones. The design of the Frankenstein monster still holds up. Plus, the costumes department deserves a special shoutout. The weapons used in the movie by Helsing were way ahead of their time, just like normal people expect from a monster hunter. And then came the best part- Count Dracula. He was so amazing that we were forced to overlook every bad part of the movie.



After the blockbuster failure, that was 2004’s Punisher, many toxic fanboys lashed out at Punisher: War Zone. They bombarded the review board with allegations like bad plot, overacting by the actors, and the movie is boring for most of the time.

However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Though the plot was a little over the top, the gore in the movie made up for it. Dominic West outdid himself when he put on the makeup of Jigsaw, the arch-nemesis of Punisher. The movie may not have been a perfect movie but performances of West and Hutchison(Loony Bin Jim) did improve the movie for the better.


9. WATCHMEN (2009)

Movies you should stop hating

Watchmen is not a good movie, and we agree to it. The movie seemed incomplete if compared to the source material. We are, of course, talking about the absence of the giant squid from the movie. But it doesn’t mean that the movie deserved the hate it got. Zack Snyder did the best he could and it was apparent with the outcome. The movie was a directorial masterpiece and nobody can deny that.

When a person sets out to make a movie, he doesn’t do so to please everyone. And this movie stands true on this statement. Zack Snyder didn’t try to please the fans and the critics, instead, held to the movie’s plot. Even if he had included the giant squid, it would not have worked with the final cut of the movie. And if you haven’t noticed so far, we are swaying away from the inarguably cringe-sex scene from the movie.



Psych!! This film is hated for the right reasons! Keep hating it. Even Reynolds does it!

Sorry, the list is only about 11 movies.

11. DAREDEVIL (2003)

2003’s Daredevil was no cinematic masterpiece, there’s no denying that. But was it that bad? The movie was a by-the-book superhero origin story, and that was apparent throughout the movie. Not once did the plot sway from the story of the Man-Without-Fear. Ben Affleck is still judged for his performance and now it feels forced. Now, it feels like hating on the Daredevil movie has become a trend. And that is the worst that could happen with a movie that was limited because of its time.


However, if someone sits back for a while to really enjoy the movie, the movie is NOT that bad. The theatrical cut might be but once we got the Director’s cut, most of the issues of the movie were resolved. The extra 30 minutes of the screen time was all the movie needed to change from a bad movie to a fairly good movie. But if you give yourself a chance to watch the movie for the first time again, you’ll truly enjoy the delightful parts of the movie. Ben Affleck was not bad, he was simply wrong for the role. And don’t get us started on Michael Clarke Duncan as the infamous Kingpin, because we will not stop!



Movies you should stop hating

After 12 years since the blockbuster Judgement Day came out, Rise of the Machines felt forced. The threequel didn’t have some of the most crucial members of the cast- Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong. The creators of the movie didn’t understand that Arnold Schwarzenegger was not the X-factor of the first two Terminator movies. And it was not the only thing wrong with the movie. The poor CGI quality, some rushed moments, and unsatisfying humor were some things that the fans of the Terminator franchise focussed on.


However, if you see beyond these flaws, Terminator 3 was a good movie on its own. The movie’s writers understood what fans wanted from this movie and they delivered it. The movie had some of the most nerve-wracking action sequences that still hold up. And don’t get us started on its super-awesome ending. Dedicated franchise fanboys certainly didn’t see Terminator 3’s ending before criticising it.

So these are the movies you should stop hating.

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