6 Weirdest Movies of Hollywood

The movies which carry traditional elements but heavily features strange or bizarre components or storytelling. If you like movies that are bit weird. Here are 5 most bizarre movies.

1) Inland Empire (2006)

In this mystery, film lead role actress who is believed to be cursed following the revelation that the two former lead actors of the film’s she’ss been shooting had been murdered. After she begins to become more and more like her character, and she also begins to lose her grasp on reality. Weird really hit its peak when she plays a tearful woman watching a sitcom on TV.

2) Synecdoche, New York (2008)

This post-modern drama tells the story of a theater director who finds himself in the middle of a seismic change in his life and who is given seemingly endless funds that allow him to create a whole new world for himself and his interests.

3) Being John Malkovich (1999)

when movie’s protagonist starts working at a company that operates on a building floor that appears to be designed for little people and they have to spend working hours perpetually bent over. The love story that develops is all too weird but somehow relatable.

4) Naked Lunch (1991)


Naked Lunch is a sci-fi drama. An exterminator and his wife become addicted to a chemical that he uses to kill insects. The exposure to the bug powder causes him to hallucinate and later accidently kill his wife.

5) Rubber (2010)

rubber-1024x576 movies
In this movie, a tire comes to a life and it begins to roll around and acquires the ability to blow up people’s heads. This discovery is the catalyst to an unusual killing spree like you have never seen.

6) Pink Flamingos (1972)

weirdest movies
This movie made controversies that were ever made. A black comedy surrounds a competition between her and another group that is attempting outdo to her filthiness. Pink Flamingos is not for the weak stomach or those who are looking for a traditional film.

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