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DCEU: 5 Reasons Batman Was Wrong To Fear Superman (& 5 He Was Right)

It’s no doubt that Batman holds the majority of the face of DC. Bruce Wayne is a character that you simply cannot ignore. Throughout the years, be it comics or cinema, Batman is widely loved. But when we think of another superhero who has a huge fan following, that’s Superman. Being the strongest hero in all of DC, nobody dares to mess with him. But not Bruce Wayne. He’s a man of precautions, and even has contingency plans for himself too. In case he ever goes rogue. One of the instances was seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where Batman had doubts about Superman. So here are 5 reasons why Batman was wrong to fear Superman and 5 reasons why he was right.

1. Right: Superman Returns

When Justice League decided to resurrect Superman, it seemed like a big decision. But, that was necessary too. So, when Superman finally came back, he was not aware of his vicinity. He was just a disposed of, angry Kryptonian who did not understand what was going on. With no surprise, he dealt with most of the Justice League without a care for it.

He targeted Batman directly. Superman didn’t remember who Batman is, he just knew that they were fighting, and he intended to finish it. Batman was luckily saved by Lois. If it weren’t for her, Superman would have let loose on Earth. So, Batman’s fear was right.

2. Wrong: Superman’s Sacrifice

Batman was wrong to fear Superman

This is a moment that shook us, the fans, to the core. Without thinking too much about it, Superman decided to sacrifice his life while fighting against Doomsday. It was at this moment that Batman realized how wrong he was about Superman. He realized how good of a person Clark was, and Wayne regained his hope in humanity. The only way to stop Doomsday was to cut through him with a spear that Wayne crafted to use against Kal-El.

But The only one who stood a chance to get the spear close enough to Doomsday was Superman. He grabbed the spear at the cost of his life, just to save the people of Earth. As a result, Bruce tracks down other metahumans from all over the world to honor Superman’s legacy.

3. Right: The Opening Scene

BvS opens up with the final scenes of Man of Steel. Bruce rushes through Metropolis witnessing a battle that is sabotaging a city full of innocent people. His own tower comes crashing down while people were still inside. As a result, he witnessed two aliens, Superman and Zod, as villains.

Bruce looked at Superman and knew that if he doesn’t do something about him, the world will fall and no one would be able to stop him. So at first sight, Batman witnessed Superman as somewhat of a villain. So in Bruce’s opinion, I side with him because his anger is justified because the city was wrecked no doubt.

4. Wrong: Zod Was Responsible For Metropolis

Well, Bruce was a little too quick to make the decision about Superman. It was actually Zod who was responsible for the wreckage. But in that heat of the moment, Bruce saw Superman and blamed him directly for it, without knowing the pretext. So from a normal point of view, their fight was like two God-like beings fighting with no regard to human life.

But that is not the case overall. Superman does feel guilty for all the damage they both did to the city. In order to save a family, he even kills his foe, and Superman is not a killer. Hence, his guilt was amplified by this one act. If Superman had the chance, he would have taken the battle far from the city.

5. Right: He Brings Threats To Earth

Batman V Superman Doomsday

Actually, Superman is not a threat himself, but his existence is. Wayne was afraid that Superman’s presence will attract enemies that might be a little too much to handle. And that is exactly what happened. Well, indirectly so. For example, Zod came to Earth looking for Kal-El. If it wasn’t for him, Zod would not care to bother people on Earth. So one can argue on either side. One, that Earth is better of without him. Second, that he is Earth’s most powerful weapon.

6. Wrong: He Lost His Home Once

Batman was wrong to fear Superman

Bruce is not fully aware of Superman’s loss. He has already lost his home once, so he would not let anything happen to his new home, that is, Earth. Superman may not remember his homeworld of Krypton, but he still feels remorse for not being able to save it. He realized that Krypton was always doomed, but Earth isn’t. Bruce at first only sees a menace, but Clark sees an opportunity to save his home. Clark will not anything happen to Earth, that too without a fight.

7. The Future Shown In Justice League

Zack Snyder’s Justice League ending scenes proved that Batman’s fears were right. Darkseid arrives on Earth like he promised, and employs Superman to help using the Anti-Life Equation that lets him control people.. Superman takes over the Earth pretty much too easily. As a result, the rest of the Justice League is forced into hiding. Bruce’s fear was right – the symbol of hope is now the symbol of terror. While seen as an alternate reality, it is a reality where Bruce was right about Superman from the very beginning.

8. Wrong: His Existence Protected Earth

It’s true that Superman’s existence brings threats to Earth. But he also protects us from it. Throughout the universe, it’s known how powerful Superman is, and rightfully so, he is feared too. The only thing that kept Darkseid from returning to Earth was Superman. His death echoed far wide, alerting outside threats that Earth was up for grabs. Bruce kind of failed to understand that he was the only thing protecting it from the greatest threat of all. Even against Steppenwolf, Superman won as if he was toying against him.

9. Right: Superman Can Bring Earth To Its Knees

Superman has a good heart. But he even decided to rule the planet, he can do with much ease without even caring for a single soul. There’s no missile or weaponry that can stop him from doing what he wants. When Bruce first learns of Superman, he believes anyone with this level of power can be corrupted. And to be honest, he isn’t wrong. And we have also seen that even the Justice League is far from capable of stopping him.

10. Wrong: Superman Does Not Wish To Be Worshipped

Superman is often described as God and many other things along the same lines. But he does not wish to be perceived as one. He is too humble for a title like that and simply likes to believe that he is a protector of Earth. This humbleness goes a long way for a superhuman such as Superman himself. His powers are certainly God-like, but he puts a block on them. This means that we have rarely seen him at his full powers. This ensures the safety of the planet and makes sure he never crosses the line of hero and villain. Moreover, he is consciously too active to make a choice that may prove fatal to the people of Earth.

Batman was wrong to fear Superman, or was he right? What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

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