10 Asia Argento Movies That You Cannot Afford to Miss

Ever since she showed us her acting chops in the XXX movie of 2002 opposite Vin Diesel, Asia Argento has always been in news and in the spotlight. When the #MeToo campaign blew up on everyone’s face in H-Town, Asia was also caught in the aftermath. But she was not a victim but a culprit. Asia Argento was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old 5 years ago. While that story is for another day, let us all take a look at her top achievements. Presenting – 10 Asia Argento movies that you cannot afford to miss!!

 1. Misunderstood

Asia Argento Movies

What happens when you decide that you have finally had enough?? What would you do when you say that this is it?!?! This is exactly the story of Misunderstood. The story goes something like this – in the year of 1984, Aria is mistreated by her entire family and is shunned. She then decides to finally have had enough and what happens next is the best part of the story.

 2. Mother of Tears

Mother of Tears states the story of a Witch Water Lacrimanum and what happens when she is realized into the general public, the witch starts to instigate the masses with mass riots and crimes soon starting to make the city explode. Only one girl can save the world now – that is the character played by Asia Argento.

 3. XXX

Is this even a question? XXX is the movie that revolutionized the spy action thriller genre. Vin Diesel played an Extreme Sports enthusiast who was pulled into the espionage game and was sent to expose an undercover eastern European Russian arms ring that aimed to destroy Europe. Asia played the female lead in the movie.

 4. Monkey

Monkey takes a reverse psychology approach for the viewers. This time it is the student that is tainted, not in the picture. Monkey is a lot loud and doesn’t have the clout to support a screw up after he is gone.

 5. The Heart is deceitful above all things

The movie is about innocence and depravity taking a walk together. Jeremiah is a young orphan who lives a happy life with his foster parents until his biological mother, played by Asia, comes to claim his son. The boy later finds himself in a world of sex, drugs and intoxication before his grandparents come to save the day. It is a moving but harrowing tale.

 6. Scarlet Diva

Scarlet Diva tells the story of the lead character played by Asia Argento. She is an actress in the Italian film industry who experiments with drugs. On one such experimentation drive, Scarlet discovers the love of her life. He is a musician who would later fall in love with her as well and leaver her soon, after realizing that Scarlet is pregnant with his child.

 7. Land of the Dead

Coming from the George A. Romero arsenal is another zombie movie that successfully challenges the norms. The movie is about humans surviving in a massive walled city after a zombie outbreak destroyed the global population. The zombies are evolving and have started to work together. Asia plays one of the many supporting characters in the movie.

 8. Boarding Gate

Boarding Gate tells us a moral that doesn’t approach to things the same way we do. A prostitute’s life is turned upside down when several forces come crashing down to destroy of his life. Asia Argento plays a morally decrypt lead character that is pulled into a world much darker and violent than she could ever imagine.

 9. Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette tells the story of the titular character in 1770 France. The lady is an Austrian arch-duchess and she has come to the nation after being pressurized to become a mother to one of the French high officials. Marie is unprepared when the French Revolution begins that took the entire country by storm.

 10. The Last Mistress

The last Mistress tells the story of Ryno de Marigny. He is able to win the heart and the hand of Hermangarde, a lady of legendary beauty in French Circles. To marry her, Ryno breaks up his 10-year-old relationship with his mistress, played by Argento. While Hermangarde tries to uncover the truth about Ryno, the mistress is also hard at work to hurt the couple back.

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