8 Most Brutal Things In Marvel Comics That Felt Unreal

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is used to following a set formula in such a way that it can be entertaining without ruffling too many feathers. The thing about this is that their source material is way more brutal than even they could know. As proof here are the 8 most brutal things in Marvel comics that seem unreal when you read about them. Let me take you through these things one gruesome detail at a time.

Arnim Zola’s Chimera

In Captain America: Castaway In Dimension Z we get a look into the crazed mind of Arnim Zola. He is once approached by his landlady’s husband, who is concerned because his wife and pet Doberman are missing. Zola feigns ignorance and moves on to his work. Later, Zola had taken the landlady’s head and transplanted it onto the Doberman’s body. The worst about all this was that the landlady was still alive after the procedure.


Zombification of The Fantastic Four

When the Marvel universe was affected by the Zombie virus it was made clear that no one would survive. But The Fantastic Four decided to trust their leader and Reed Richards went to work on a cure while being protected by his team. By the end of his research, Reed had convinced himself that the Zombie virus was the next step in evolution, so he infected his team. Sue, Ben, and Johnny turned into Zombies and started to feed on a smiling Mr. Fantastic as he embraced the Zombie virus.


The Hulk Gets Melted

In Immortal Hulk: Abomination The Hulk encounters the new Abomination. This version of the character has the ability to spew deadly acid on his opponent. He does so and the Hulk is unable to withstand its effects. His limbs melt and the pain is so severe that Hulk reverts to his childlike personality. The entire thing is one of the most brutal things in Marvel comics.


Zombie Spider-Man Vs Vulture

Another entry on this list from the famous Marvel Zombies storyline but this one is a bit more disturbing than a family embracing the Zombie virus. When Spider-Man was infected and became a Zombie he decided to chase down his foes and tell them what’s what. In a moment of fervor Spider-Man chases down Vulture and Electro. He rips the Vulture’s arms off and lobs Electro’s head straight off of his shoulders. One never sees Spider-Man going this crazy.


Sentry Vs Ares

Sentry is the Marvel equivalent of Super-Man. He has immense power and is fueled by the sun but his morals are also absolute and he is thought to be on the side of good. But there was once a time in the comics when he lost his cool. Sentry once killed Ares in such spectacular fashion that his guts were the focus of a centerfold as other characters looked upon the scene in horror.


King Thor Atomises Logan

most brutal things in Marvel comics

Logan is a hothead. He has the habit of challenging anyone he doesn’t agree with whether he has the power to battle the said person or not. Wolverine’s healing factor has made him cocky. This is evidenced by the fact that he once challenged King Thor, who simply used his heat vision to vaporize the mutant where he stood. No one on Earth is capable of battling the Odinforce, Wolverine should have known that.


Wolverine Kills The X-Men

As we have established, Wolverine is a hothead. He does not hesitate when someone needs to be killed. In fact, the mutant is the first one to jump into action. There was a time when he was tricked by Mysterio into thinking that the X-Mansion had been attacked by 40 super-villains. Naturally, Wolverine went on a killing spree. It was only when he killed the last person, that Mysterio revealed that he had been fighting his friends. After all, there was no way Wolverine could defeat 40 supervillains in one go. But people who would hesitate to harm him were another story altogether.


The Punisher Destroys Wolverine

There was a time when The Punisher did not know the meaning of the word “restraint”. He once decided to punish Wolverine and knowing that the character could never die he got creative. The Punisher first hit Logan in the nuts with a  baseball bat. Then he targeted the same area with a shotgun. As if that were not enough, The Punisher brought out a road roller and crushed Logan underneath it as the mutant hurled profanities at him. It is one of the most brutal things in Marvel comics history.


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