5 Best Teen Titan Members in DC Comic History

It’s been said before: the Justice League is a team, but the Team Titan is a family. The team consisted of many heroes sidekicks but it has emerged as a strong contender for being one of DC’s best comics. The teen members band together to fight crime and act as emotional supports to each other. There have been many members over the years but we have only listed the top five contenders. Here are the five best members to grace the Teen Titans:

1) Nightwing:

Nightwing a.k.a Dick Grayson is the oldest member of the Teen Titans.Nightwing was Batman’s original sidekick who also became Batman himself for a while before he took on the moniker of Nightwing. Grayson took on the title of Nightwing during “The Judas Contract,” paying homage to both Batman and Superman. He was one of the original members of Teen Titans and was the original team leader. He had a relationship with Starfire whom he also nearly married.

2) Cyborg:

Cyborg was the original founding member of Justice League but he was later recruited by Raven in The New Teen Titans. Cyborg has been known for his high IQ which resulted in him having some great weapons.He served as a mentor to the team with Starfire and Beast Boy and was the glue that held the team together. After he deactivated, the Titans broke up and then got back together when he regenerated.

3) Wonder Girl:

wondergirlpin titans
Donna Troy a.k.a Wonder Girl was the Titan member that all other members went to for council.Her wisdom and her congenial personality made her a likable character with her fellow members.She knowledge was wide as it covered every alternate universe version of herself, so she knew she lived in a Multiverse. Donna even took on the mantle of Wonder Woman for a time.

4) Kid Flash:


Wally West, also known as Kid Flash was a founding member of The New Teen Titans.He was a reluctant member as he took on the moniker of The Flash from Barry Allen.This does not mean that his loyalty was displaced, as Kid Flash often came back to aid his friends whenever they were in trouble.

5) Raven:

4452261-screenshot2015-03-17at00-12-14-png titan
Raven put together The New Teen Titans after she was rejected by the Justice League in her time of need. She is the daughter of the immortal evil demon Trigon which resulted in the tough childhood she experienced she was forbidden from expressing any emotion during her childhood and adolescence (because Trigon could prey on strong emotion and possess her). Raven was a friend and foe to her team members for this reason.

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