10 Mind-Blowing Continuity Details In DCEU Only Eagle-Eyed Fans Noticed

The DC Extended Universe has done the tiring work of bringing some of the best comic book characters on screen. It has been known for many shortcomings over the past few years but has still managed to keep a firm grip over the real-world application of its comics narrative. DCEU has garnered quite a few Marvel fans towards its side, even if it was for a few minutes, hours, or days. Through its 7 films over the last 7 years, not taking into account 2020, DCEU has somehow managed to stick to its storytelling roots. Many times it has been witnessed that while creating a narrative, directors or filmmakers were seen forgetting the plot in the previous prequel or narrative of the film. But, DCEU has managed to keep the continuity of the narrative intact. They have ensured a consistent continuity of several plots within the narrative. So, here is a list of Impressive Continuity Details That Prove the DCEU Deserves More Credit.


Harley wants a normal life

DCEU has made a very reference to Harley Quinn wanting a family life with The Joker, on several occasions. She was even heard referring to the same said life in 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’, where she claimed normal was a setting on one’s dryer and people like her can never have it.


The Daily Planet news

In the Dawn of Justice sequel of the DCEU, towards the end, we are shown the general public mourning the loss of Superman. Perry White is seen picking up the following days newspaper, which has one article which told the world, that “Batman befriends Superman towards the end”.


Superman’s Mother

Mind-Blowing Continuity Details In DCEU
Mind-Blowing Continuity Details In DCEU

In 2013’s ‘Man Of Steel”, the audience witnesses a very young Clark manifest his powers while at school. Martha is rushed to the school, where she calms him by telling him to focus on her voice. That is why in the entire DCEU narrative, you could always see Superman keep an ear out for his mother and Lois Lane.


Lex & Belle Reve

In the movie Dawn of Justice, after Superman is killed, Lex Luthor is sent to the ‘Belle Reve’ penitentiary. The same penitentiary where the team for the “Suicide Squad” was assembled.


Shazam’s Gift

In 2019’s ‘Shazam’, Billy is seen offering a scared little girl a gift to stop her from screaming and feeling afraid. It is the same gift or rather the prize he wanted to win, right before he was abandoned by his mother.


Two weapons used against Superman

Mind-Blowing Continuity Details In DCEU
Mind-Blowing Continuity Details In DCEU

In the ‘Man of Steel’ (2013) the human race is seen drawing weapons, towards Clark when he emerged as the flying human. But in 2016’s (Dawn of Justice), the same humankind is seen pointing cameras towards Superman. In other terms, Superman faced two of humanity’s greatest weapons and still survived to see another day.


Panda Man

In 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’, when Joker is on the route in a helicopter to rescue Harley Quinn. For a very brief second, we can see the name of the henchman right in front of the camera read ‘Panda Man’. It is the same name as the henchman who had earlier made an appearance in the same movie.


Doomsday’s Scar

In Batman V Superman, we witness the maniacal business tycoon, use a part of Kryptonian technology to resuscitate general Zod from his death, while putting his blood into the pool of ectoplasm-like liquid to register his DNA to that of the submerged Kryptonian body. Post the revival of Doomsday, we can see a scar on his face, similar to what General Zod had after his battle with Superman.


Martha’s new job

In the ‘Man of Steel’ 2013 movie narrative, Martha was working at sears. But the Smallville Sears was destroyed when the Kryptonians attacked the planet and Superman. Thus, in the ‘Dawn of Justice’ 2016, we can see Martha working as a waitress in a diner.


Batman does homework

Mind-Blowing Continuity Details In DCEU
Mind-Blowing Continuity Details In DCEU

In the Dawn of Justice, while Batman is in his bat cave, preparing for the oncoming battle, with a particular video playing in the background. The video was of Superman fighting Zod, and batman was studying Superman’s fight pattern, doing his homework for the battle of the century.


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