10 Reasons Why Black Panther Deserves Every Bit of Praise It Is Getting

Black Panther is a ground breaking movie as it was a complete package. It had humour, action, a great story, amazing background score, drama, emotion and a lot of heart. It was so great that it has Crossed $500 Million in just 6 days and is the highest rated comic-book movie ever. All the fans, critics, actors and directors are praising the movie and it totally deserves all that. Here are the reasons why it does.

The Story/Plot

All in all, the movie did have a pretty generic plot line, but it was crafted so well that fans and the critics had to give in to its greatness. It had a lot of heart and people could really connect with the movie. The story delivered everything the Director wanted it to, and it was as inspiring as it was amazing!

Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman’s portrayal of T’Challa and Black Panther was totally mind blowing. He was the King people wanted to see. We could see that how T’Challa has grown from Civil War to this movie as a person, and how Black Panther has evolved into a totally unbeatable hero. Black Panther is the new Iron Man of the coming decade!

The Side Characters

The reason why the movie worked so well was because it let all its characters shine. All the actors were at the top of their game and each and every character portrayal was just perfect. Characters like Shuri, Okoye and Nakia completely stole the show. Also, the way each and every character was incorporated was just great to see.

The Villains

This movie really solves the Villain Problem that the MCU has been suffering from. Andy Serkis’s remarkable performance is what made a character like Ulysses Klaue so awesome. That extra bit added by Serkis into this role is what made fans want even more of Klaue. And Killmonger does not need an explanation. Michael B. Jordan just nailed it. One could really connect with his cause and even though they may not approve of his methods, but his ultimate agenda is what made him one of the best villains of the MCU.

The Director

Ryan Coogler took this movie to a whole new level. His effort was totally visible in this movie as he cherry-picked the best moments from all of Black Panther’s comic book runs, and combined them into a story which was loved by all. It was just incredible movie making on his part!

Brought in new things

This movie was not the same old Origin story you have gotten used to in the MCU. It was packed with so many new things that we have never seen before in the MCU. It introduced us to Wakanda, a nation so advanced that it almost felt like we are in the future. Also, the unimaginable things done with the help of Vibranium, Black Panther’s new suit and its abilities, new tech and gadgets, all this was handled in a very innovative way that made all the fans drool over the movie.

Much more than a Superhero movie

This was a comic book movie, but it was so much more! We got the epic Superhero story we wanted, but we got a lot more than that. It stood out as a movie that does not just please comic book fans, but it pleased fans of all genres. More than the epic action, it showed the cultural beauty of a nation and delivered a message we all were amazed with.

A Visual Spectacle

It didn’t just have a great plot, it was visually stunning as well. Even though the final battle of the movie had some CGI issues, the entire movie had scenes which were shot amazingly, and the Wakandan nation was obviously portrayed in a way that made it look incredible!

True to the comics

This movie was truly inspired from the comics. There were literal moments in the movie that came right from the books. Like when Killmonger threw T’Challa into the waterfall, when Black Panther wrestled a huge Rhino, and many more. It was inspired more from the comics than any other movie.

Time frame

Black Panther

Another reason why the movie was awesome is the time taken to make this movie. The seeds of Wakanda were sowed back in Iron Man 2, but still it took Marvel 8 years to get the movie out and the timing was just perfect. This movie would not have worked at any other time. And this is why, things should be done only at the right time!

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