New Rumor Suggests that Marvel Has Cast Keanu Reeves (But for Which Role?)

After years and years of rumors of Keanu Reeves joining the MCU, a new rumor suggests that Marvel has finally cast him in a secret project. The Matrix star has been a fan favorite because of roles like Constantine and the boogeyman, John Wick. So it raises the question of what he would be playing in the MCU? We have a list of characters that we think will be best for the Baba Yaga. But first, check out the rumor that suggests that Marvel has cast Keanu Reeves for an upcoming project!

Keanu Reeves may have played some of the most popular roles in cinematic history but he is so much more than that. Reeves’ fans love him because of his generosity and his frequent acts of kindness. Many sources claim that he has donated huge sums of his salary to children’s hospitals, and this is just one of the many. When he was cast as John Wick, many fans laughed at the irony of him paying a ruthless bogeyman. When in real life, he was nothing alike.



With MCU now one of the biggest franchises as well, fans wanted to see Reeves be a part of that. while there had been rumors in the past, they were proved wrong. Some people have been comparing his appearance similar to what we saw in the Eternals with Harry Styles. Almost nobody had the slightest idea what Marvel had for them until Styles showed up himself. The sources also confirm that Keanu will be appearing in a movie, and not a Disney+ project. But a trusted source recently revealed that Marvel has finally cast him for a secret project, a source of GFR confirms it. GFR is a reputed media company and has been our primary source of some breaking news. Check out what their source had to say about Keanu Reeves joining the MCU-

So far, our source was able to confirm that the new project is a film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as opposed to a series on Disney+. We should be seeing Keanu Reeves in an upcoming Marvel movie, and unless their plans go amiss, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing any announcements for his part before it’s actually happening. This is one of the big Marvel secret castings.


Now we know that he will be appearing but which character do you think he’ll be playing? We have prepared a list of all the potential characters that Reeves might end up playing. So if you think we missed something, do let us know in the comments.



With Moon Knight already in the MCU and Blade just ahead of the corner, it is only a matter of time before Marvel assembles its first live-action Midnight Sons team. Rumors surrounding the casting for MCU’s Ghost rider have been going around for quite a time. So it might be possible that Marvel might’ve finally found their Ghost Rider in Keanu Reeves.



Doctor Strange 2 will, most probably, introduce the X-Men in the MCU. Patrick Stewart is already reprising his role as Professor Xavier so we can say that the rest of the X-Men will soon be in the MCU. And we know that there are no X-Men without their fiercest member, the hothead Wolverine. Word on the street is that Wolverine’s casting has been going on so Reeves might end up appearing as the new Logan.



Marvel has cast Keanu Reeves

Our sources reveal that Marvel will soon be announcing a Nova project. It’s high time for the Human Rocket to finally appear in the MCU after he had been teased in Guardians of the Galaxy. Also, now that the Nova Corps have been well-established, there is no need for Marvel to introduce a young Nova. They can start with an experienced one and Keanu Reeves could be the MCU’s, Richard Ryder.



Fantastic Four is right around the corner. And if we go by the rumors, John Krasinski will be taking on the responsibilities of Mr. Fantastic and the director of the movie. So if he is going to appear as Richard Reeds, we can only imagine who is going to be Doctor Doom. Spoiler alert, it could very well be Keanu Reeves.



The good news for the fans is that Doctor Doom is not the only role that Reeves can take on. With an eternal physique like that, he could be the Herald of Galactus, Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer. Radd is a character who needs an actor who can show pain, grief, and anger at the same time. After all, Galactus killed his people and makes him scout planets for him. And after John Wick is conflicted by the same emotions in almost every movie, there’s no question that Keanu will be perfect for the role.


Marvel has cast Keanu Reeves, what do you think is it a rumor or is it real? Would you like to see Keanu Reeves in the MCU? let us know your answers down in the comments.

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