Avengers 4: This Theory About Ant-Man Explains The Time Travel in MCU

The snap that was heard around the universe. Yes, I’m talking about the famous snap of the Mad Titan that dusted half of all life in creation out of existence. It was on the 27th day of April in 2018 that this creature of pure malice decided to eradicate half of the universe. His actions left the universe a desolate and barren land and his motives remain muddy as the years have dragged on. Everyone knows the good guys lost. Everyone knows the heroes are dead. The present is grim and the future without hope and what little protectors we have left are either injured or scattered throughout the universe. Iron Man himself was stranded atop Titan at the end of Infinity War, what was his fate subsequent to that? No one really knows.

But I have a theory, a theory that will introduce you to the possible opening of Avengers 4, a theory that will put you smack in the middle of the story with just the right amount of time before the climax hits you. That is the idea here, the idea that writers drop you in at just the right point, so you can enjoy the payoff while appreciating the struggle of the heroes and their efforts for getting to this point. The theory relates to Ant-Man and also accounts for the post-credit scene of Ant-Man and the Wasp where *Spoiler Alert* Scott is left stranded in the quantum realm.

Well, you see, the theory starts with either Scott breaking out of the quantum realm on his own or with either Tony or Bruce or Doctor Strange’s apparition (Assuming that Doctor Strange transferred his consciousness to the astral plane before he was dusted) getting him out. The theory suggests that even though Scott only spent like 15-20 minutes inside the quantum realm, thanks to the time vortex 4 years have passed since the universe ending snap of Thanos thanks to the time vortex inside the quantum realm.

It is here that Ant-Man truly realises the weight of his predicament. Not only is Scott Lang a man out of time, he has also emerged in a world where his allies are dead and darkness reigns supreme. What is one supposed to do as a hero who is thrown into such a situation? Of course, Ant-Man should travel in time to ensure that this future never happens.

Avengers 4

Going from the set pictures and other plot leaks from Avengers 4 it seems pretty clear that Avengers 4 will be a time travel movie. However, it is yet unclear what point in time would be the Avengers travelling from. As we all know, something occurred in the main Marvel Cinematic Universe not much after Infinity War that left the planet half mangled and destroyed (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). It was presumably quake who did that but if that is true then where were the Avengers. The answer is simple, they were time travelling from their current timeline to the past to prevent Thanos from ever gathering all the infinity stones.

Scott is the important element here, for he is the only Avenger alive who has the knowledge to navigate the quantum realm properly and it will be this expertise of his that will help Tony and Bruce perfect the time travel technology come Avengers 4. There is also speculation that it will be the ancient one who will transform Bruce into Professor Hulk during their time travel. But the most important trip of time travel will be the one that Scott makes inadvertently.

Avengers 4: This Theory About Ant-Man Explains The Time Travel in MCU

The story starts from the snap and Scott being stranded in the quantum realm. As Scott spends 15-20 minutes in this realm, 4 years pass outside after the snap of Thanos. When Scott is finally pulled out, he finds himself in a world that he is a complete stranger to. The 4 years after Thanos’ snap have not been kind to earth but Ant-Man does not know any of that, until he comes across a teenage Cassie who is now an Avenger (She became one in hopes of finding her father). And the theory ends here. Tell us what you thought about our speculation down in the comments below.

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