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Captain America Was Proven Right By One Terrible Act of Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the darkest characters in Marvel which is clearly visible through both the comic books and the movie interpretations too. The character has been through a lot and that’s why he has one of the most unique storylines. He is considered to be one of the best mutants to ever appear in both comic books and movies. Though ‘best’ can have various meanings in terms of characters in Marvel, one cannot really trust Wolverine. He has often been considered to be driven by his rage and has a beastlike presence with his name already suggestive of the. One of the other fan-favorite characters, Captain America was proven right by one terrible act of Wolverine himself.

Understanding Logan

Logan has killed various characters both good and bad, and that has become one of the essential things about him. Consider a character that is given a knife and then pushed into the world of superheroes. This is basically the entire character arc of Wolverine. He is made of the events where he manages to not uses his blades to solve the problem. But in most cases, he does end up using his blades and that leads to mayhem. Once the blades pop out, the enemy should be prepared for the worst. The mayhem often leads to the worst of the end outcomes and this goes and creates a much larger pain for Wolverine. Though his amnesia has not really helped us to get a proper understanding of his backstory, the mystery only helps to define his persona. 

What Captain America said

Terrible act of Wolverine

Captain America is a character who hardly met eye-to-eye with Wolverine and often questioned his membership in the Avengers. When Wolverine joined the Avengers in the New Avengers series, Captain America considered him to be a murderer and a loose cannon despite the good deeds the Wolverine had also done. He is not wrong in his judgment based on what he finds out about Logan. Upon discovering that Logan along with his team had once made murdered one of their own teammate, Archangel, after he became the new Apocalypse and also another child who was said to one day grow up to become Apocalypse, Steve had every right to think the way he felt about him. He decides to get rid of Logan and throws him off the team and states that Wolverine should have never been made an Avenger.

Logan’s realization

Though Logan had a reason to accept his fate this was not the worst he had done yet. In Uncanny X-Force, we get to see a dimension of him far more brutal than we have seen before. According to the story, Logan forms the X-Force while his son Daken plots to destroy this team.

Daken forms a new rendition of the Brotherhood of Mutants with characters like Mystique, Sabretooth, the Skinless Man, the Blob, and others. They made repeated attacks on the team and were able to make a massive impact. One such impact came when they were able to capture Evan Sabahnur so that they can convince him to become evil and become the new Apocalypse. The events transpire such that the X-Force are teleported to a world where the X-Force rule and they decide to kill any of the innocent personas that has a possibility of becoming evil. Upon return to their own world, they start to consider killing Evan in order to prevent a chance of absolute chaos due to Apocalypse’s return. 

Terrible act of Wolverine

On finding out about this Evan nearly ends up killing Mystique and the Skinless Man. Daken finds the opportunity to kill Wolverine by drowning him, which is the only possible way of killing a mutant with healing powers. But Wolverine overpowers him and drowns him instead because of the message that was given to him by a version of himself in the other world that Daken was gonna become a killer. Wolverine realizes he has just killed his own son. This just further proves that Captain America was right about his opinion. After all, Wolverine can be called a hero but one can never deny that he is a ruthless killer.

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