First Reactions of Doctor Strange 2 Call The Film Perfect

First reactions of Doctor Strange 2 have come in and it seems the movie has been dubbed a horrific experience that will get you more than excited for the future of the MCU. It seems that Sam Raimi has outdone himself in his MCU debut. The few media personnel that got to experience the movie firsthand have posted their opinions on Twitter. They call the movie different but self-contained. It seems Sam Raimi’s horror has shaken his audience. We cannot wait to watch the movie ourselves but first, let us examine twitter’s verdict.

First Reactions of Doctor Strange 2

Ben Kendrick from RiseAtSeven and ScreenRant called the movie a great follow-up. He also told Twitter that there are a little too many cameos in the film. Well, we are not so sure if that is a bad thing at all. A multiverse movie deserves a bunch of cameos.


Great Horror Aspects

Sam Raimi once commented that he wanted to make Multiverse of Madness a horror movie. It seems that he has succeeded in doing that. But Laura still seems to be undecided on whether she likes the movie or not.


A Day In The Life Of Doctor Strange

Eric Italiano from Brobible called the movie “a day in the life of Doctor Strange”, which sounds very appropriate for a Sam Raimi movie. This just makes us more excited to watch the flick. He also called the movie a self-contained adventure, which is the signature of the MCU.


Horror Is Fun

Maggie from collider calls the movie the weirdest fun she has had in a while. It seems that for her it was Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch who won the day. Wanda seems to be going through a phase of growth in the movie. Is the implication of her being a villain, completely false?


Cameo-Filled Ride

The first reactions of Doctor Strange 2 seem to imply that there are going to be a lot more cameos than we previously thought. It also seems like the movie is a lot faster than one could expect. Maybe Marvel is following the same formula that they did back with Infinity War and Endgame. Multiverse of Madness is very much a Phase finale film.


Scarlet Witch And The Multiverse Of Madness

Sam Raimi got to do whatever he wanted, that’s what fans like to hear. To see the creative vision of such genius come true is truly an honor. It also feels like Scarlet Witch is getting a lot more praise than Doctor Strange himself. What might she have done to be afforded such praise is beyond me and any comments that I make will only amount to speculation.



Sam Raimi achieved his dream of making an MCU horror film. We only wonder what is it that everyone is running from. If it is truly the ‘Scarlet Witch and the Multiverse of Madness’ then who is the true villain of the movie. Is it just another version of Doctor Strange?


Most Epic Superhero Movie Ever

I don’t know if I would call a Doctor Strange movie to be the most epic superhero movie ever, but I can certainly get on the hype train. It seems that the world premiere did something to impress the media personnel and critics. Maybe they showed them a great movie, who knows…


Adventure And Trippy Visuals

It seems that the CGI department has outdone themselves this time. Multiverse of Madness seems to be a wild ride filled with jaw-dropping visuals and cameos that will make our heads spin. We will be undertaking such a journey the likes of which no one has ever seen before. Is this something that can be achieved anywhere else but the MCU? We do not think so.


Creepiest Marvel Movie

These were the first reactions of Doctor Strange 2. Let us know what you think about them down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, Dc, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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