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10 Crazy Thanos Variants Fans Want Marvel To Include In The MCU

Disney+’s Loki saw Sylvie killing He-Who-Remains to free everybody from his clutches. And this paved the way to unravel the Multiverse. Now, the series featured multiple variants of Loki across the vast Multiverse who had completely different stories. So this is a list of the crazy Thanos variants that we wish to see in the MCU.

The recent Disney+ show, What If…? explains how a change in one’s decision can entirely change the course of history. The second episode of the show was called What If... T’Challa became Star-Lord? It explored the possibility where Yondu sent his convoy for picking Peter Quill, instead of going himself. And they mistakenly pick up T’Challa and do not go back for Peter. T’Challa, being an influential leader, reforms the Ravagers into the Guardian Of the Galaxy. He even stops Thanos from destroying half the universe by talking to him man-to-man. Fans like this version of Thanos. Now, as Loki teased Thanos-copter, this led fans to believe that Marvel will introduce more variants of Thanos in upcoming movies.

Here are 10 variants of the Mad Titan that we could see in Marvel Cinematic Multiverse’s future.


The heart of the Universe is a powerful source of energy that can heal the universe with its powers. In his endless quest to save the universe, Thanos comes across the Heart and absorbs its powers. He used the acquired powers to save the universe, rather than destroying ht half of it. After the MCU’s version of Thanos, fans would surely like to see this variant of Thanos.



The What If…? comics series introduced this variant of Thanos. In his attempt to stop an Alien Army, Thanos makes a deal with the Avengers and takes on the mantle of Captain America. He even uses the Shield, widely associated with Captain America. These two Thanos variants were more on the good side, however, the same can not be said for the following ones.



Crazy Thanos Variants

In the timeline associated with Earth-15061, Thanos comes across the all-powerful Cosmic Cube. According to the comics, the cube can control matter & energy and answers to the will of Sentient beings. He uses this power to forge a pair of gauntlets and goes on to finish half the lives in the universe. He is considered the cruelest variant of all the variants of Thanos.



Zero-Day Thanos may be the cruelest, but he is not nearly as powerful as the Astral-Regulator variant. The Astral Regulator is one of the strongest artifacts in the comics (, even stronger than the Infinity Stones) and was created by the One-Above-All to keep the different timelines from crashing into each other. Thanos wields the Regulator and uses it to absorb most of the Cosmic Beings and become the embodiment of his universe.



Unlike his variants, Thanos from Earth-1610 didn’t seek the Infinity Stones. This is the Thanos from the Ultimate Comics Universe who sought the Astral Regulator to rule all of the universes. In this universe, Thanos is successful in his quest and takes over the Earth, making its resident his mindless slaves. Seeing this Thanos in the MCU at some point, fighting the New Avengers will be the best part of MCU.



Avengers: Endgame ended with Thanos’s defeat, but what if… he won? That is exactly what happened with the Thanos of Earth- TRN666. This Thanos defeated the Avengers and became King Thanos. He defeated all his foes and destroyed all living beings in the whole universe. King Thanos grows old in his own Dark Kingdom. He is eventually challenged by a younger version of himself, however, the older version won and continued his reign. This Thanos has to be the strongest of them all.



The Poisons, according to comics, are a group of interdimensional creatures who takes over their hosts and their powers as well as memories. Thanos becomes one of them too, unsurprisingly, take over the universe. However, this time he does it to impress his love, Death. This Thanos, from Earth-17952, led the Poisons’ hive to invade the Prime Marvel Universe to impress Death.



Crazy Thanos Variants

The Omega Thanos is a clone of the Mad Titan and he is filled with all of the might of the original one. He is also known in the comics for being the leader of the Thanosai, that are powerful, android clones and mystical doppelgangers created by Thanos himself. They were made with the same genetic code and shared the desire to finish all lives in the vast universe.



Thanos was second-in-command in the Poison Hive but this changed in the Cancerverse, where he is tainted by the Many-Angled Ones. In the pages, the Many-Angled Ones are primordial cosmic entities that reside in the spaces between multiple universes. He transforms into an empty shell of himself and loses his mind completely. However, he retains his raw strength which enables him to destroy every being of the universe yet again.



Thanos and Darkseid are one of the most dangerous and powerful villains from their respective universes. And DC and Marvel did the unthinkable and blend these characters in a 90s crossover. They created the super fierce Thanoseid and combined the best or worst of both the villains. The new character had the eternal life of Thanos and the God-like powers of Darkseid. However, no such crossover has been announced between MCU and DCEU. But after the creation of Multiverse in MCU and the Flashpoint in DCEU, this doesn’t seem so far-fetched, does it?

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