Why Does The MCU Hate Peter Quill as Star-Lord So Much?

While What If…? has given us a lot to explore with the simple principle of what could have happened due to certain Nexus events in the movies.  These Nexus events could be either major events or some smaller events due to the simple choice taken up by the character. Similarly, the effect that these events have had on the entire storylines has been either somewhat minimal or massive in terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. But while the changes give us a lot that we didn’t expect it also keeps us wondering about the changes. The second episode of What If…? includes T’Challa taking the title of Star-Lord with great consequences. The events that follow have left the fans wondering whether the MCU hates Peter Quill as Star-Lord.

The Episode

The second episode of What If…? explores the events that follow after T’Challa becomes the Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill. The Nexus events here being, the Ravagers kidnapping the Prince of Wakanda by mistake. The universe that we are introduced to us changes the entire MCU to a much better and safer timeline. We get to see a version of Thanos that is nowhere near to what we got to see previously in the live-action movies. He is no longer the power-hungry villain madly in favor of restoring the balance in the universe. This is something he himself mentions is due to the influence of T’Challa himself.

T’Challa vs. Peter Quill

Peter Quill as Star-Lord

T’Challa has a massive influence around him which includes all the characters we had previously seen in the movies. The Ravagers are influenced to do good for the weaker people of the world and they actually end up helping the world. Even the bond between Yondu and T’Challa is a lot more special here. Yondu is impressed by the lack of fear in T’Challa as he is brought to him by the Ravagers. This instantly forms a strong connection between these two characters which is visible throughout the entire episode. The other characters also show a lighter side of themselves in a massive turn. This could be accredited to the altruistic ways of handling things by T’Challa.

T’Challa is taken by the ravages at a very similar age to Peter Quill and yet he somehow manages to make a very positive impact on the timeline as compared to Peter. Peter had a troubled childhood and hence he was not much aware of the world. His childhood was struck a major loss and his only escape was by the means of music, films, and shows. On the other hand, T’Challa was brought up in the fast-developing much-advanced world of Wakanda. He had the privilege of being wiser than most kids of his age, with a better sense of right and wrong. This wisdom has helped him in influencing the people around him.

Why Hate Peter Quill?

Peter Quill as Star-Lord

As we can see there is a reasonable explanation for T’Challa’s persona being massively beneficial for this alternate universe. But at the same time, the idea for the episode seems to stem from anger towards Quill’s character. Anger for Quill makes sense considering the consequences of what happened due to his actions during Avengers: Infinity War. During the ambush of Thanos, Quill inadvertently sabotages the entire attempt upon his learning that Garoma had been murdered. The actions are somewhat expected from his childish persona and his grief is absolutely understood. Yet the problem lies in the fact that this affects the MCU in a massive and leads to events wherein we end up losing two essential characters. This holds his entire character in a different view based on this perspective.

Maybe, the episode is a means to show how T’Challa’s character would still be able to manage in a completely different circumstance. But it still ends up showing the faults of Peter Quill in the end. It’s impossible to compare the two characters while one is viewing the second episode of What If…?. You’ve also got to feel for Peter Quill for what he went through in his life. He was separated from his mother. Then his father turned out to be the one who killed her. After that Thanos took Gamora away from him. So, his reactions to what Thanos did were quite relatable TBH! Still, T’Challa actually turned out to be a better Star Lord. So, Kudos to him.

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