The Batman: Has Gotham City Sirens Revealed The PLOT For The Upcoming Film?

The Batman has not started filming nor has it even finished drafting its script, but a news is abuzz with what the upcoming movie will entail. Ben Affleck confirmed that the script is coming together great but never gave any detail about what Batman would be facing in the upcoming movie. However, the announcement of a Gotham City Sirens movie may be key to unlocking what to expect from The Batman.

Let’s take a look back at what happened in two comics which could have significant resonance to DCEU’s The Batman plot:


In the comics Hush, Batman tries to get the truth behind his foes sudden ruthlessness towards him. He suspects that someone is acting as a puppet master to the various occurrences he faces. Along the way, he encounters many past supporting characters that include the Bat family. Former sidekick Nightwing helps the Dark Knight as does Oracle. Tim Drake is kidnapped by someone who looks like the late Jason Todd who turns out to be Clayface in disguise.

The Dark Knight gets help from Catwoman to track down the master behind all the occurrences who turns out to be Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend Thomas Elliot aka Hush. Batman and Catwoman also have a brief relationship that ends because of Batman’s trust issues.Catwoman discovers Batman’s secret identity.

Gotham City Sirens:

gotham city sirens batman

Gotham City Sirens follows on the comic arc of Hush, its sequel Heart of Hush and Batman R.I.P. Catwoman plays a significant role in the story arc as she has found out the secret identity of the Dark Knight. Villains all across Gotham City pursue Catwoman with the aim of making her spill that secret. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy capture Catwoman for this very reason. This secret is the backbone for the entire Sirens comics.

The three villains discover in the end of the story that the Dark Knight had been pulling the strings from their first encounter. He had persuaded Catwoman to invite Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn to team up with her, in order for Batman to deal with other parts of the story’s mystery. This reveal is not received too well by the three villains. Catwoman gives Harley and Ivy a head start, telling them to escape before Batman captures them and sends them to Arkham Asylum.

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