5 Reasons You Should Not Travel Alone

As a lone female traveller, I have often times found myself in situations that made me cringe at the thought of travelling across places all by myself. Even though, the thrill is not worth compensating upon, some experiences may make you want to think twice before you pack your bags and leave to a destination from your bucket list. However, here are five reasons you should avoid travelling alone to spare yourself the horror. Your travel package may come in all shapes, sizes, deals and disasters but, in the end, it doesnt even matter because you bring home and preserve memories as prized possessions.


Travelling is an expensive affair.


From booking yourself hotel rooms to enjoying a hearty meal at the perfect destination-either by the river, at the beach, or on the hills-you would need to shell out money. If you’re on a strict budget, it might dig holes in your pockets, restrict scope of exploring and spoil your trip. However, when you’re travelling with a group, the cost of accommodation, food, adventure and sight-seeing is shared by everyone, thus, leaving room for more possibilities and adventure.

You have trust issues.


When you’re carrying expensive items with your luggage, say laptop, iPods, etc., you have to keep your senses on guard to avoid damage and pick-pocketing. Be it leaving your luggage to use the washroom in a train or attending to adrenaline rush, the fact that you would have to leave your luggage unattended makes you suffer and miss out on many things.

Safety comes first.


Most of the times, real excitement lies in places less explored. But, exploration comes with a cost if you are not careful in a new place. Accident prone areas, wild life, aggressive groups of people may cost you the fun or even life. Dangers don’t come with a warning sign nor, should you neglect it when they do.

You need someone to beat the blues.


Travelling alone can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it can even cloud your mind, make you feel lethargic and worn out. Here’s the truth: no amount of energy drinks can lift your mood like a friend  or a fellow explorer can. The presence of companions can push boundaries to elevate your travel experience and make fonder memories.

Happiness is double when shared.


You are a social being. If spending time with your friends is what you look forward to the most on a regular day, then travelling alone may not be your cup of tea. Having friends on a trip with you can help you get rid of a whole lot of emotional burden and financial burden. During days too overwhelming to function, a good company with a couple of glasses of chilled beer, any trip can be turned into a joyous experience.

Cheryl Mukherjee

Cheryl is a visual artist who also swings from being a writer during the day to a poetess by night. Cheryl is a solo-traveller by choice. Mildly twisted; extremely dramatic.
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