5 Star Wars Movie Scenes You’ve Never Seen

The Star Wars saga is one of the best-known in the entire history of cinema, as a fan-favorite of every generation- and a brand new trilogy aiming to bring even more fans into the fold. But you would be surprised to know just how many scenes director George Lucas originally meant to include in his space epic. Here are 5 Star Wars Movie Scenes You’ve Never Seen.

1) Greedo Never Learns

No star wars prequel take more heat than the Phantom Menace, but fans missed out on one original trilogy cameo that was guaranteed to cause some controversy. After Anakin wins the pod race, Qui-Gon finds the boy fighting with a young Rodian who claims he cheated. When the kids are split up, the final reveal comes- it’s no random Rodian, but a young Greedo, the same bounty hunter who would clear: the hard way that Han always shoots first.

2) Proud Smuggler

The assault on the shield generator station in Return of the Jedi always seemed a bit rushed, and with good reason: the original version had Han and his team taking out a squad of stormtroopers before being ambushed and captured.

3) Tosche Station

No die-hard Star Wars fan will ever forget the first time Luke mentioned he’d be making a trip to Tosche station for some all-important power converters. But the location was originally going to be shown when Luke rushed to tell his friends about the space battle visible over Tattooine.

4) Seeds of the Rebellion


It’s not hard to guess why yet another political subplot was cut out of Revenge of the Sith, but we would bet most fans would have liked to see Padme and Bail Organa tart to form the future Rebel Alliance in the senate’s back rooms.

5) C-3P0 Saves the Day

star wars
It’s no secret George Lucas strayed into creepy territory with the implied love between Luke and Leia, but eventually played their kiss in the Empire strikes Back as a joke, when the characters were revealed to be brother and sister. But a deleted scene took things much, much farther.

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