5 Simple “Do it yourself”s That You Must Try!

There are many things we want others to do for us don’t we? But here are 5 “do it yourself’s” that you must try “YOURSELF”.

1. Earring holder

DIY Earring Holder

I’m sure all the girls out there agree with me that storing our jewelry can be a total mess, getting to store them in huge boxes and then dealing with all the untangling, I know how it feels. Well, why not go ahead and flaunt it, making it a part of your room decor? Sounds interesting? Keep reading.
All you will need is:
-picture frame
-a sheet of scrapbook/handmade paper of your choice
-a roll of tulle or ribbon
-packing tape

(a) Take the back out of the frame and remove the glass from it.
(b) Trace the back of the frame onto the paper. Then cut out the traced part of the paper.
(d) Tape one end of the ribbon or tulle to the back of the scrapbook/handmade paper. Then firmly stretch the ribbon or tulle across the front of the paper.
(e) Tape the other end of the ribbon or tulle to the back of the scrapbook/handmade paper. Then cut off excess material. Make sure it is tight enough to support the earrings. Repeat until the paper is covered with material.
(f) Place the covered paper on top of the frame backing. Then secure the back of the frame.
(g) Finally, attach your earrings to the tulle or ribbon and display the frame.
And TADA! Your unique earring holder is ready.


DIY Soda Can Vases.....So cool!:
Things you need :
-Pop cans
-acrylic paint of your choice

(a) Take your pop can and dent them a little by pressing them.
(b) Now all you have to do is paint your pop can with the color you’ve chosen. You can experiment with the colors here. Your time to be creative!
Tip: You can whiten a little bit of white in the paint and that’ll give it a hint of vintage and it’ll look a bit artsier. You can draw on it too if you prefer that.
(c) You can stick artificial flowers into them or even grow real ones in them.
And Woop! It was that simple guys.


Things you need
-A pair of scissors
-And old photo frame

(a) First, you need to find a picture of your choice that you wish to print out. I suggest you go to and search for free printables for your wall.
(b) Print out that picture according to the size of your frame, cut the extra sides if it’s left out and fix your printout into the frame.
You can make these as many as you like for your wall.
Super easy right? Plus it looks so “Tumblr-y”, and who doesn’t love that?


Things you need
-Thermocol sheet
-A pair of scissors
-A marker
-A cutter
-A wooden/cardboard sheet

(a) Go to google search box and type “world map Tumblr” . This gives you tons of beautiful and artsy images. You can choose whichever you like the most and then print it out. Just make sure that it’s scaled to fit the entire paper.
(b) Next, go to an online editor, I would suggest “Picmonkey editor” and type out the letters you want to print. For example W A N D E R L U S T. Print these letters vertically/ horizontally whatever suits you but make sure to turn them laterally, and also to make it easier, print them on the back of the world map that you had taken out.
(c) Now, you just have to cut them out and paste them on a Thermo cool sheet, the letters facing the side of the world map on top. (OBVIOUSLY!)
(d) Using a cutter, cut them out neatly and paste them on a wooden/cardboard sheet according to your own requirements. And it’s ready!



diy off shoulder shirt kids | How to make an off-shoulder blouse out of an old t-shirt

Things you need:
-A pair of scissors
-A t-shirt of your choice
-Needle and a thread

(a) Strip off the sleeves and about 4” off the bottom of the shirt.
(b) Resize the width of the shirt if needed.
(c) Hem one edge of the strip you cut off the bottom
(d) Sew this strip upside down onto the top edge of the shirt, to hide the seam, all the way around the t-shirt. Be careful to leave enough space on each end for your arm to fit through.
(e) Wear with the strip falling over your shoulders. Simple and sexy!

Esha Kohli

She is an 18 year old aspiring writer. Currently studying literature at University of Delhi. When not busy writing instagram blogs, she's either trying to polish her singing skills or discovering new creative stuff on youtube. Her only motto for life is to : NEVER GIVE UP.
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