Here’s How WB Should Have Made Justice League

Justice League was a movie full of a lot of buzz around it, even when it was in production and also after the release. The movie lost its director Zack Snyder due to tragic family problems and Joss Whedon stepped in. This movie had a lot on its shoulders as it had to deliver on the expectations that people had. This was a dream come true for many fans as they had to wait so long to finally see their favorite heroes come together on the big screen. It just had to be perfect, but it wasn’t. The movie was fun but had a lot of flaws. Here is how Warner Bros should have made the movie.

More screen time to Flash Aquaman and Cyborg


There was 4 hours-worth of movie shot, but because the studio intervened, it was brought down to 2 hours and with the reshoots and everything, the plot of the movie was changed. Every character had their justified personal time but as they had to make it come under two hours, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg’s screen time took a toll. People needed to connect with them a little better but all they got was the sexual tension between Bruce and Diana while bringing the team together.

By one director with full creative control

WB’s editing team is probably the biggest villain for DCEU. WB keeps interfering with the movie and the editing team keeps cutting out important plot points of the movie. The same thing happened with Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad as well. They should just let the director’s proper vision hit the theatres. Unfortunately, this movie suffered the loss of Snyder big time, but if he still would have been on board, they should just let him do his thing.

Put Martian Manhunter or Green Lantern in the League

Both these green dudes are huge members of this iconic team in the comics, and at least one of those should have been in this movie. If not Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern should have been in this team as Justice League is not complete without Green Lantern. The original campaigning of the movie started with ‘Unite the seven’ but then it was brought down to 6 members.

Have Darkseid as the main villain

Who is Steppenwolf? Except for the comic book nerds, no one knew who this villain was when he was announced. Darkseid is a much bigger and better villain for the Justice League. We get it that they wanted to set him up for the next time but there are so many other great villains to bring against the League like Brainiac, Trigon, etc. they not only brought in Steppenwolf instead, but his plot and CGI was also lame and people didn’t even care about the big bad. With Darkseid, the stakes would have been much higher and more people would have been interested.

With more practical CGI

As mentioned above, Steppenwolf had a pretty lame CGI done upon him and moreover, Superman was destroyed as his face was covered with visual effects in order to remove his facial hair. Adding up the reshoots, the film had a budget of about $300 Million and they could not even get the CGI and visual effects right.

Better Handling of Superman

With Whedon stepping in place of Snyder, a lot of the movie was altered, reshot and a lot of the movie was cut. The biggest victim of all this was Superman. Not only was almost his entire arc reshot, his face was also destroyed because of the CGI disaster mentioned above. Along with that, the insanely demanded and teased Black Superman suit also did not make the theatrical cut. They finally got him to be more optimistic, happy and bad-ass but he should have been handled properly.

The Supporting Cast Should Have Been Put To Better Use

This problem again comes to the run-time of the movie. JK Simmons’ Jim Gordon was only there for like 2-3 minutes, Amy Adams and Martha Kent also did not get much screen time and Willem Dafoe’s character Nuidis Vulko was totally taken out of the movie. All in all, they did not get to do anything significant in the movie, except Lois getting to be the big gun to calm Superman. Snyder’s cut actually had great parts for these big support cast members.

Giving it a more memorable soundtrack

Justice League

Earlier Junkie XL was on board to score the movie, but then after the change of directors, Danny Elfman was brought on short notice, and he didn’t produce original soundtracks. Batman and Superman both got their old 90s soundtracks. Wonder Woman got an altered version of her own theme from the last two movies and the other 3 league members got nothing.

Released in 2020 

Everything in DCEU is being rushed in order to catch up with their competition. Justice League had been put up way before introducing characters to the audiences. The studios should have first given proper time to the heroes individually and then brought together this team. Instead, every hero got their little origin arcs and was rushed into this movie. Instead of doing this WB should have given proper time to the audiences to connect with the characters, and then later brought them together in around 2020.

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