How Eleanor Will Become Madame Masque in the Future

More choreography and less CGI make for a mean-looking universe. Not to mention the fact that the character development in this format is much better when compared to movies. It is quite peculiar how Hawkeye introduced an absurd amount of new characters and somehow made us care about all of them. We particularly enjoyed Eleanor’s arc, even though it was evident from the start of the show that she would turn out to be bad, her arc was still entertaining. There is still some of it left. Here is our theory on how Eleanor will become Madame Masque in the future

We quite like the Disney+ version of the MCU. It is short, precise, and has tons of action. This reminds us of the best MCU movie (barring Iron Man, of course), The Winter Soldier. Much of the Disney+ universe is much like The Winter Soldier. The fight choreography may not be that impressive but it is real and in your face. Even the characters are vulnerable to fire, barring freaks such as the Kingpin. Take Eleanor for instance, the sly movement of her character worked beautifully on screen. She lulled us into a fake sense of security.


We let our guard down in front of the character only to find out what she is truly like. She was the one who killed Armand or ordered her men too. Eleanor was in cahoots with the Kingpin. Although she claims that she did it to pay off her late husband’s debt, in reality, she enjoyed her work. She is a cruel and sinister woman who is deluded as to her own motivations. The woman has convinced herself that she is doing it for the good of her daughter all the while lying to Kate and betraying her ideals.


Eleanor Will Become Madame Masque

This is not a woman who wants to do the right thing. It does not look like the work of someone who is desperate. The movements are too tactful, too calculated and there is a certain amount of indifference involved in the decision-making process. She is cold to the suffering of others. Only worried about her own skin and protecting her daughter. This is the thing that comes back to haunt her again and again.


She claims to protect Kate only to shield her from growth. Kate grew up to be a superhero because she was willing to go all the way, not because Eleanor flew in with her resources and made her problems disappear. It is supposed to be scary and Eleanor fails to understand it. Her fear controls her and we predict that it will lead to her complete downfall in the near future. One part of this is the possibility that she may become Madame Masque in the future. In the eyes of Eleanor, Kate has betrayed her.


She chose to rat out her mother to the police for the murder of Armand and for letting Jack take the fall for money laundering for the Tracksuits through Sloan. Eleanor is in deep shit. Since Kingpin is also most definitely alive, we think that he will reach out to Eleanor now. It is likely that he will try to convince Eleanor to work for him again in exchange for protection from the police. This will be the juncture where it will become imperative for Eleanor to either bow to or stand up to the big man.


The Future

We think that she will work under him but secretly try to gather enough power and resources that she can topple her. Kingpin’s empire is spread all over the world, if she can use her cunning mind to take over some of that she will be pretty close to the comic version of Madame Masque. Just like the power broker, this character will also be an apparently good character turned into a completely bad one. It would be interesting to watch that downfall. If the character chooses to turn cruel, it would certainly make her more entertaining.


We are going to enjoy the next few Disney+ shows as they come out. They may be the greatest thing about the MCU for now. Let us know what you think about our theory down in the comments below. Does it make sense? Have we covered everything? How much longer before we get to see Madame Masque in the MCU?

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