11 Storylines That The Hawkeye Finale Ended

Episode 6 blew our minds, it brought an end to almost everything. Hawkeye’s finale culminated into conjunction between character development, storytelling, and action. The perfect blend just like marvel is used to doing. Hawkeye had already introduced so many new characters in the MCU that we were a bit worried about how things would end. But somehow the show managed to keep the storylines tight and meaningful. The show even tied a ribbon on it at the end to present it to the viewer. Here are 10 storylines that the Hawkeye finale puts to rest:


Ever since before the release of the show fans had speculated that there was something sinister going on with Eleanor Bishop. Some theorized that she was Madame Masque, an organized crime leader in Marvel comics. Although this theory did not come true, we did get to see the villainous side of Eleanor as it was revealed that she was working with Kingpin. She was the one who killed Armand and she was held accountable for her crimes by Kate. Apprehended as a murderer because of the actions of her daughter on Christmas.



Maya Lopez is another character. Her main aim in the entire series was to find her Dad’s killer. She thought that Ronin was his killer, and she was right but Ronin was not the one who wanted her father dead. It was revealed at the end of Episode 5 that it was Kingpin who leaked the information to Ronin and set up tracksuit upper management for death. Kazi was also involved in the setup and both Kingpin and Kazi presumably died at the hands of Echo.



Another competent fighter in the gallery of Kingpin’s crooks was Kazi. He was shown to be an adept close-quarter combatant. It was also shown that he was especially skilled with a sniper. He also had feelings for Maya and it seemed that this character had too many subplots to resolve. But all of this is put to rest in a beautiful fashion as his sniping is made ineffective and he loses two fights. The first to Hawkeye and the second to Maya, which leads to his death. A fitting end to a love story of warriors.



From Episode 1 of Hawkeye fans had theorized that Jack was either a villain or somehow involved in nefarious activities along with Eleanor. Everyone thought that he was Armand’s murderer and he was the one who was controlling the tracksuits. But it turns out that Jack is just a big softie who enjoys playing with swords. He is just as aloof as he looks and is in fact quite harmless if you take away his sword.


The Big Guy

Kingpin was introduced in Episode 5 of the show as the big bad of the series. He was referenced by Clint many times before he came on screen. But it was nice to see the main villain finally step out of the shadows. Not only that we got to see Kingpin do some crazy shit like ripping off the doors of a car and walking away from explosions and car crashes. It seems that the Kingpin is not only back to the MCU but he also has some new moves up his sleeve that make him more dangerous than ever.



Clint Barton came out better from the series than we expected. We thought that there was a good chance that Hawkeye might have died at the end of this series but he did not. Not only that he was also able to make it home in time for Christmas. This is something that he had missed for the last five years so it was heartwarming to see Clint celebrate Christmas with his new partner and family. He burnt the Ronin suit and finally killed that part of him.



Hawkeye Finale

Ever since Kate saw Hawkeye battle aliens with a stick and a string she knew what she had to do to protect everyone. She walked the path of becoming a superhero and trained hard for it. After mastering the physical requirements she got involved with Hawkeye in this case and dealt with her fear. However, the most interesting part about this character is that she defeated Kingpin singlehandedly in the last episode. The Big Guy is not a guy you want to fight on your first mission, yet Kate won spectacularly.



The roleplayers of the MCU were mostly first responders, firemen, and police officers. They were your everyday heroes given center stage by the platform that is this show. These guys acted as Hawkeye and Kate’s backup in the last episode, they did the essential work of helping the civilians escape the chaos and the fighting. They even had their moment in the sun when they wore their LARPer uniforms and stepped out to the public as Superheroes.


Lucky The Pizza Dog

Pizza Dog was taken directly from the merchant storyline in the comics from where this series is inspired. It was a nice addition to the cast of the show but the more we interacted with Pizza Dog the more in love we fell. He is an enticing onscreen presence who only craves pizza. It was nice to see this dog find the name Lucky, and find a home with Hawkeye’s family at the end of the show.



Yelena was told by Val that Natasha was killed by Hawkeye. She was then hired by Eleanor to come to America and kill Clint Barton. She took this opportunity to pursue the archer and pin him down in the final episode. Here she interrogated Barton and found out the truth about Black Widow’s death. Barring the time travel Barton explained to Yelena that her sister sacrificed herself for the greater good of the world. She saved us all. Yelena finally got closure!



Hawkeye Finale

The mystery watch that Hawkeye made a big fuss about finally made its way back to its real owner. Laura Barton was revealed as MCU’s agent 19, aka Mockingbird. The fans and Tony’s suspicion finally came true as Hawkeye tired this plot thread.

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