10 Possible Theories About The Origins Of The Ten Rings In Shang-Chi

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings left us with a major cliffhanger about the origins of the Ten Rings. They were one of the principal parts of the movie and it really leaves us thinking what the possible story behind their existence could be. The mid-credit scene from the movie even asked this question but ended up leaving it since no one was able to find a possible answer. It makes us wonder about how this might be used as a plot point for future projects in MCU and at the same time give us a bit more insight into the things that haven’t been introduced into the MCU yet. Here’s a look at some possible theories on the origins of the Ten Rings in Shang-Chi.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang the Conqueror made his appearance in the Disney Plus show, Loki and according to him, he can manipulate time as per his requirement. The variant of him that we get to see in the show actually uses a certain weapon in order to gain his powers. There could be a possibility that the Rings are owned by a certain variant of Kang and are futuristic weapons and are actually calling out to him.


The Makluans

Originally, according to the comic books, the Ten Rings are the creation of an alien race called the Makluans. Comic book fans are also familiar with Fin Fang Foom, who was a major villain amongst this species and had made multiple appearances. There is a possibility that MCU ends up showing the true creators and added to that they could also show that the great protector himself belongs to this species.


The Quantum Realm

Origins Of The Ten Rings

Both the experts who appear to talk about the possible origins of the Ten Rings only end up exploring some possible origins. But there is a major possibility that the Ten Rings didn’t even come from outer space and instead came from another dimension like the Quantum Realm.  The Quantum Realm is yet to be explored to its full potential in MCU.



The next big addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the Fantastic Four family. They are supposed to be an addition in Phase 4 only. There is a possibility that Annihilus could be the creation of the Ten Rings considering he is one of the most powerful villains of the Fantastic Four. In the comic books, Annihilus exists in the Negative Zone. The theory suggests that since the Quantum Realm is the substitute for the Negative Zone in the MCU, the beacon from the Ten Rings could be directed at him.


The Dweller-In-Darkness

Since the Dweller-In-Darkness was actually the ultimate Big Bad villain of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, the Ten Rings could be linked to him. Since this villain blurs the boundaries between the cosmic and the mystical, the Ten Rings might also possess the power to do the same. This could be the reason why Wong wasn’t able to identify them. The Ten Rings could hence be used to defeat the villains that will appear along with the exploration of the multiverse.



Shuma-Gorath has made multiple appearances in the MCU already, with multiple appearances in the Disney Plus series What If…?. Some theories suggest that this monster might be the central villain in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. There’s a likelihood that the origin of the Ten Rings could be linked to this monster in the ancient past. This would actually end up connecting with the Doctor Strange sequel.


The Celestials

This one is a bit doubtful considering Captain Marvel should have been able to find the link of the Ten Rings with the Celestial beings. But there is a possibility that Carol Danvers may not be aware of the latter. The Celestials have been referenced in the MCU a lot previously. They are responsible for creating some of the most advanced technology. MCU has still left a lot about them as a mystery that might be cleared up in the upcoming Eternals movie. This could create a perfect link to both the MCU projects.


The Eternals

Origins Of The Ten Rings

This is in reference to the hint given in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. When Shang-Chi takes over the Ten Rings, their color changes from dark blue to gold. According to the trailers for Eternals, gold seems to be the central color of the Eternal’s power and technology. The Rings could have been some weapon that they might have created that was either lost or stolen.


The Nega Bands

Now, this is also something that Captain Marvel should have been able to detect when she was trying to find its cosmic origin. Since Nega Bands were worn by Mar-Vell who was in fact the first Captain Marvel and they were actually created by the Kree.

The Quantum Bands

The final connection for the Ten Rings could be made with the Quantum Bands. These were created in quite a similar manner to the Nega Bonds were created by the Kree. These bands actually draw energy from the Quantum Zone in the comics. There is a possibility that the Rings are actually calling out to the last people who worn them which could be Eon or whoever had the title as the Protector of the Universe.

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