Hawkeye: What If The Mother of Kate Bishop is Madame Masque?

Disney+ has yet to reveal the Big-Bad in the Hawkeye and it could be none other than the Mother of Kate Bishop. After the success much-awaited solo outing of Black Widow, Marvel is ready to add the Hawkeye series to the mix. It will focus on the post-Endgame events where he trains Kate Bishop to take on the title of Hawkeye. As Marvel sets up more characters for the future, the past of Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is still covered in a cloud of mystery.


Mother of Kate Bishop

After the traumatic events of the Infinity War, Hawkeye has gone through a lot. During the blip, he turned into a vengeful vigilante and went onto a killing spree. During the 5-year jump, we couldn’t see much of his adventures. And now that his family is back, it will be interesting to see how he brings his life back on track. We will also see him training Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop as the new Hawkeye.

Only a few fans know that Hawkeye is partially deaf and has worn a hearing aid since the start of the MCU. In addition to all these plots, we might even see Clint Barton’s training as a fighter and a spy. The Swordsman trained him in combat and also acted as a mentor to Barton. It will also set other characters for the future, name Maya Lopez aka Echo.

All these parts of Barton’s life will be explained in the upcoming show. On top of all these plots, the latest addition to the star cast is Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova. Unsurprisingly, she blames Barton for her sister’s death. And unbeknownst to the truth, she is on her way to eliminate him. Still, Yelena isn’t the main antagonist of the show who is yet to be disclosed. As we have seen in the first 3 Disney+ shows, the creators didn’t reveal the villain until the last moment, we might expect the same from Hawkeye.


The MCU has revealed a vast star cast and teased many sub-plots but the main villain is still unknown. With Yelena coming up to assassinate Barton, she might play as the villain for a few episodes. But MCU might not show a potential future-Avenger kill one of an Original Avenger. So the spot for the main villain remains vacant. Even so, Hawkeye will not be devoid of villains. The Disney+ show features some iconic Marvel villains like Fra Fee’s The Clown, Swordsman, Echo, and Tracksuit Dracula. They might even play a role in the training of Kate Bishop.


Marvel Superheroes MCU

A rumor revealed another villain for the series in 2020. The rumor leaked the entry of Madam Masque in the star cast. But no one in the cast has been revealed as the Big M so far. According to the comics, Giuletta Nafaria aka Madame Masque is supposed to be the daughter of a crime lord, Luchino Nefaria. During the blip, Hawkeye put an end to many criminals and Luchino might be one of them. So it is understandable if we see Madame Masque seeking revenge for her father. However, the question of who gets to play Madame Masque remains unanswered.


Mother of Kate Bishop

Since no one is officially cast to play the fabled Madame Masque, what if someone from the characters possesses dual identities. It doesn’t seem much of a stretch after seeing Agnes transforming into the evil Agatha Harkness in the 7th episode. So, if someone were to reveal themselves as Madame Masque, it probably will be the mother of Kate Bishop, Vera Farmiga’s Eleanor Bishop.

Vera Farmiga is a reputed actress who is known for her role in The Conjuring franchise and the Bates Motel. So the creators won’t just waste her potential n a minor role. The comic fanatics know that Eleanor Bishop and Madame Masque were connected. Eleanor was actually under the control of Madame Masque while everyone thought she was dead. So, if Marvel merges the two characters, it would surely make up for the absence of the Big-Bad on the show.


If Eleanor Bishop and Maame Masque were to be a single person, it would open a gate to a lot of theories. Firstly, it makes a lot of sense as Madame Masque has ties to the Maggia and Kate Bishop’s father is known to do business with the underworld. So Kate’s family turning out to be a criminal one might connect some dots for the series. And adding the fact that Eleanor (or Giuletta) disappeared following the snap might connect the remaining plot holes.

If we assume that Giuletta literally converted to dust, it becomes clear why she survived Ronin. It’s going to create some hierarchy issues among the mob. This might lead to Madame Masque finally revealing herself to be Eleanor Bishop. Her identity and troubles with the mob might be the reason for the revenge encounter between herself and Clint and Kate.

What do you think about this theory? Do you have any other crazy theory in mind? Do let us know in the comments.

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