10 Craziest Deadpool 2 Fan Theories That Might Actually Be True  

Way back in 2014, the test footage of Deadpool took the internet by storm. Cometh 2016, the Ryan Reynolds starring Deadpool which was directed by T.J. Miller shattered box office records with just a meager production budget of $58 million. With such unprecedented success, Deadpool 2 was pushed into the pipeline. Staying faithful to the character, the teasers have been hilariously satirical. But frustratingly, they have stayed mum on the plot…or is it so? Thanks to the devout fans of The Merc with the Mouth, some light has been shed on the possibilities for the sequel. From antagonists to X-Men cameos, here are 10 craziest Deadpool 2 fan theories that might actually be true.

Uncle Ben died in the first teaser

Remember the first ever teaser of Deadpool 2? The one where the friendly neighborhood assassin mocks the Man of Steel’s usual style of going into a telephone booth to change his costume. While a lot of people focused on that part of the teaser, a detailed eye managed to delve a bit deeper. The man who was shot dead on the street was…UNCLE BEN!

This theory was given more weight when Deadpool 2 director David Leitch answered a question concerning the man’s identity during an interview with The Huffington Post. “That’s a really interesting question. I think that people should continue to theorize who that old man was.” If that wasn’t enough, there are also nods to both Spider-Man and Uncle Ben in the second teaser trailer.

Hope Summers plays a major role in Deadpool 2

For the uninitiated, Hope Summers was the first mutant child who was born after the catastrophic events of M-Day. M-Day is the event in which Scarlet Witch strips a prominent number of mutants of their abilities, reducing the mutant population of millions to a few hundred. How is Hope Summers connected to Deadpool 2? Well, after the events of M-Day, her protection from Bishop was entrusted to Cable by no other than Cyclops.

In the first teaser, Hope’s name is clearly written on the telephone booth. Also, in the first released image of Josh Brolin as Cable, there’s a teddy bear on his utility belt, which indicates the presence of a child.

Deadpool 2 might be connected directly to New Mutants

While Deadpool 2 is set to release on June 1st, 2018, Fox has also a new movie called New Mutants releasing on April 13th, 2018. While these movies might be the beginning of the X-Force, there might still be some doubts regarding the link between these two movies. The most obvious link is probably the temperamental teenager from the first Deadpool, Negasonic Teenage Warhead. With her bright yellow and black costume, it has been speculated that Deadpool exists in the same timeline. Interestingly, Deadpool also debuted in the New Mutants comics.

Cable will be a messiah figure

In the comics, the Askani Clan – a sisterhood which elevated the ideologies of X-Men in the 37th century as a religion used time travel to propagate the same in the present era. Considering Cable’s origins, it’s very much possible that Cable might be acting as a prophet in the search of followers in the 21st century. After all, everyone has got one, grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future.

There might be a new Wolverine

While Logan marked the end of Hugh Jackman, the tale of Wolverine is yet to end (we hope). The throne was passed from Logan to his short-tempered and badass surrogate daughter Laura, or more commonly known as X-23. Though it’s really a long shot to see X-23 kicking some serious ass in Deadpool 2, for you know, TIMELINES, there’s still some chance that she could have hitched a ride with Cable to the current timeline.

Cable might have an evil clone

In the comics, Cable’s doppelganger was stolen from the Askani Clan by Apocalypse to become his next vessel. But after things went south, this murderous clone who goes by the name of Stryfe became the major antagonist of the Messiah War.

While Deadpool 2 has teased heavily about the Askani Clan, a recent image posted by Josh Brolin shouting at a cracked mirror in his Cable costume has piqued the possibility exponentially.

Wade Wilson was a mutant from the beginning

This might be a long shot but bear with us. Before Wade Wilson went through the horrible operation and gained his regenerative abilities, he was already a brilliant marksman. By brilliant, we don’t mean Hawkeye/Arrow level brilliance. It’s actually way above that. His natural inclination towards marksmanship might not just be a talent…it might have been his primary mutant ability.

The movies take place in X-Men comics from Logan

Remember the comics which Laura possessed in Logan? While the comics irked Wolverine, but it might have deeper inclinations that it seemed. Upon closer inspection, the Colossus which featured in Deadpool was exactly the same in the comic book. Could it be possible that the current movies are actually present in that book?

Vanessa is Death

In the first movie, Wade Wilson’s lady love, Vanessa Carlysle was shown to be a normal human being exhibiting no special powers. While her name is quite similar to another mutant named Copycat, it just might not be the case. She might be Death, the one true love of Deadpool. This arises from the fact that a commitment-phobic Wade decided to settle with Vanessa. Also, the day Vanessa entered Wade’s life, he was diagnosed with cancer! And how can you possibly explain the fact that she survived the fall while being trapped in a glass box?

Deadpool is the antagonist


The one theory to rule them all. Remember the scene from the first movie, where Deadpool manages to saw off his hand to escape from Colossus? Well, what if the sawed-off hand managed to regenerate into…an evil Deadpool? (As if he is not evil already) In the comics, Deadpool has fought with an evil version of himself which was created out of his discarded limbs. It might be a long shot, but it can surely prove to be pivotal to make Wade and Cable join forces.

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