10 Superheroes Who Have Slept With Monsters

There have been so many superheroes couples in comics, some of those we love, others we don’t like or approve of. While there are others, of which the thought itself feels way too crazy. Both DC and Marvel Comics have had a Mystical and Demonic presence and not just that, some of our favorite Superheroes have been known to have intimate relationships with them. Here is a list of characters from comics who have been crazy enough to sleep with a freaking demon!


Well, this is no surprise, we all know how crazy Deadpool can be. Out of his many relationships from Copy Cat to loving Death herself, this one is probably the craziest and the most haunted. Shiklah, former Queen of Monster Metropolis, married Deadpool in a wedding officiated by the demon-mutant Nightcrawler to get out of marrying Dracula. Deadpool is just one of the succubus’ husbands, however, as Shiklah is also married to Werewolf by Night, whom Deadpool head-shots upon interrupting their monster mash. After a bang-goodbye, Shiklah leaves Deadpool to marry Dracula. How insane is that!


More of an underrated and unpopular hero as compared to others, Spawn is still awesome and fans who know about him, know how wild and crazy he could be. As we discover in the final episode of HBO’s Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, Malebolgia didn’t return Al Simmons to Earth as a Hellspawn (named, uh, Spawn,) to lead Hell’s armies, but rather to impregnate Wanda with a “demon seed.” Spawn manages to sleep with Wanda in the episode “Seed of Hellspawn” by impersonating her current husband and Spawn’s former bff, Terry, which is super illegal and gross in retrospect.


The version of Hellcat that is in play over here is Patsy Walker who had a relationship with Daimon Hellstrom, “The Son of Satan.” When Daimon marries Patsy he had lost his “Darksoul,” due to the fact that he had slept with her, rendering him human while also killing him because Demon DNA is whatever!


Though they share one body bound together by Merlin, Jason Blood and the demon Etrigan both share the sorceress Lady Xanadu, aka The Lady of The Lake. Though Xanadu agrees to marry Jason, Etrigan explains his interest: “I wish to mate with you. Often, and over a long period of time, that is, hence the offer of the sheep.” They afterward engage in a sexual relationship too.


The questionably consensual copulation between the Demon Lord Trigon and the human female Arella Roth produced the Teen Titan’s demonic magic caster, Raven. As Raven explains in Justice League vs. Teen Titans, Raven’s mother joined a cult, becoming the lucky lady for their performance of The Bride of Satan Rite. After lightning strikes a pentagram, Trigon emerges from a purple cloud of smoke, with Roth immediately wanting to jump his demon bones!

John Constantine

To escape being burned at the stake, John Constantine trades one day of his life for his powers with the demoness Rosacarnis. Rosacarnis uses her powers to have this one day play out in three different ways, banging Constantine in three possible realities simultaneously to sire three demonic messiahs. Well, that would have been really fun for Constantine as he seems to be into this kind of Kinky stuff.

Lady Blaze

Etrigan once tracked down a demon terrorizing Gotham City, discovered that he’s a servant of Etrigan’s former mistress, Lady Blaze, ruler of Hell and demon-wizard hybrid. Blaze offers Etrigan his powers back so long as he becomes her consort. Jason Blood refuses, but Etrigan overpowers his other half to embrace the demoness. When he did, both of them were engaged in a night of total BANG BANG!


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Well, Deadpool got to sleep with yet another Demon, and this time it was the daughter of Satan himself. The succubus Satana comes to Deadpool to get out of a marriage contract after losing her soul in a game of high-stakes poker to five nerds. Fortunately, Deadpool expunges Satana’s debt by marrying her, thus binding his soul to hers. Satana breaks up the marriage before she can “date” Deadpool, who is “quite a hottie” by Hell-standards. Fans think the same way!


Though the demon Lord Nightmare has absolute control when in his dream dimension of Everinnye, he is powerless in the conscious world. So, Nightmare decides to bang a human. The human who was taken into play was known as Naomi. Karl, the leader of a cult devoted to Nightmare, explains his master’s intentions to Naomi, his favorite follower: “He’ll plant his seed in you through me. And the fruit of our union will be a vessel for him.” Naomi doesn’t actually believe Karl – dude was just hot. With the stars aligned, Nightmare wargs into Karl to start what is technically a demonic threesome.



Considering that he is a Demon Prince of Hell, in addition to King Arthur’s heir, all sex with Hellboy counts as demon sex. Hellboy has had a string of paranormal partners, from the pyrokinetic Liz Sapien to a vampire he once married during a drunken weekend in Mexico. Hellboy himself is the result of a surprisingly loving relationship between Azzael, the Demon Prince of Sheol, and the human nun/witch Sarah Hughes.

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