13 Reasons Why Final Season Trailer Breakdown

13 Reasons Why Final Season Trailer: 

It was recently announced that Netflix’s teen drama 13 Reasons Why would soon return for a final season on June 5th. Netflix has just released the first trailer for the final season and it looks like we are in for a wild ride in the final season. This will be the fourth season of the hit teen crime show and even though the third season was the least successful till now, fans are excited about the last and final installment. The show had a really successful beginning and even though the themes are dark and controversial, it has only become more popular.

In the third season, the storyline focused on the main antagonist and sexual predator Bryce Walker and his murder. It ended at the reveal that the character Alex Standall actually killed Bryce and that the whole group tried to frame Monty for it who eventually went to jail and died. The season, however, ended with a small detail which left scope for another season to follow and that is exactly where we pick up this time.

13 Reasons Why Final Season Trailer

A new character called Winston was introduced in the third season for about two episodes. Monty meets him at a party and the two indulge in a sexual encounter. It is shown that Winston actually had feelings for Monty and he knows that Monty was framed as a murderer.

Watch the trailer for the fourth season here:

The trailer for the new season begins with a dramatic opening where Clay and friends reach school and find the words ‘Monty was framed’ written on a wall. Winston has come to Liberty High to avenge Monty and he seems to be teaming up with some of Monty’s old friends to get him justice. Another detail to be remembered is that we never saw Monty’s death or his dead body in the previous season. It was simply announced that he was found dead in his jail cell, so could this mean that he is not actually dead?

13 Reasons Why Final Season Trailer

Meanwhile, Clay seems to be getting therapy as he is going through a rough time again. He appears to be having hallucinations and nightmares. He sees Monty and Bryce’s ghosts and it is really freaky (Still not sure that Monty is dead by the way). Justin and Jessica seem to be losing control as well and can be seen having meltdowns in the trailer with Jessica getting into a physical fight. We’re hoping we don’t see Justin relapse in this season but that is a possibility. Also, Zach and Alex seem to be in an intense spot too and can be seen smashing the school door in a scene. Tony who has a new look this season is again getting into trouble or possibly saving Clay again which is his favorite hobby anyway.

13 Reasons Why Final Season Trailer

Fascinating detail about the trailer is the song that plays in the background as the lyrics seem to echo the show’s theme.

“I lost all my goodbyes when I set you free
I tried with open eyes but I couldn’t see,
Keep it spiralling, Keep it spiralling…”

So as we see everything spiraling out of control, we are actually left with more questions than answers. The biggest question being whether Winston knows what Monty did to Tyler? We are guessing that if he knew, he wouldn’t have been doing all this as Monty was a monster anyway. The trailer ends with Clay’s face and the words “are you ready to let the secrets out?” This means that Clay might actually let out everything and take himself and the others down this season.
The final season of 13 Reasons Why consists of only 10 episodes and will be released on June 5th on Netflix.

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