5 Most Remarkable Villains in Hollywood

Gone are the days when a villain was only thrown in the movie just so that the good guy could have a little more glory to his kitty. Today, there are some villains who just have to make their presence felt on the screen and in viewers’ hearts long after the movie is over. It can be a witty one-liner or a powerful speech or simply their conduct that draws us to them, but villains in today’s storyline have formed an important part of cinema today. So, here are the five most amazing villainous characters in the recent past that have managed to carve a niche for themselves:

1. Loki

5366868-7836048507-loki-Okay, fangirling aside, but Tom Hiddleston rocks every role he’s ever stepped into. But, in this particular role, he just blows your mind away. Loki, the God of mischief, has an extremely complex character of various depths including jealousy for his elder brother, his hunger for power and his ardor to achieve whatever he craves. Hiddleston’s eloquent speech and the impeccable demeanor only enhance his dexterity at the portrayal of this demigod.



The magnificence of this character is just too damn high. Being a part of the biggest movie franchise Harry Potter, Voldy ranks the top on the best villains’ radar. His performance has the refinement and poise that his character demands. And make no mistake; you can despise Dolores Umbridge, you can hate Vernon Dursley, but not him. Never him.

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Shruti Sharma

A student of English Literature at the Delhi University, Shruti is a diehard fan of Hugh Laurie, J.K. Rowling, Khaled Hosseini and Robert Downey Jr. Passionate about food, books, movies and sitcoms, this Potterhead has found her niche in creative writing and plans to go places.
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