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8 Most Horrible Moments In DC Comics

Here are the 10 most horrible moments in DC comics that have actually happened. Some of them might seem over the top and more gruesome than they need to be. But remember that comics are a medium and they grow over time. The topics that are going to be discussed in this post are all horrible but they are just fiction. It would be great if everyone can remember that and we can have a discussion that is not explicitly emotionally charged. Now, without further ado, let me present these moments to you.

The Death Of Jason Todd

Jason Todd is known as the second Robin in the comics. He was the replacement after Dick Grayson grew up and became Nightwing. Things were supposed to be good but the fans did not like Jason Todd very much. So DC asked its readers to dial one of two numbers and decide whether Jason Todd gets to live or not. The results came in and Todd was killed by the Joker in the next issue. Joker beat the 15 yr old with a crowbar and then triggered a bomb near him. Truly a harrowing moment in DC lore.


Joker’s Face In New 52

Do you think the Joker’s crazy? Don’t you? If you haven’t read the New 52 run of Batman, you don’t know just how crazy the Joker can be. The man once asked the Dollmaker to cut off his face. He then left the said face nailed to his cell wall and left the city. When Joker came back he retrieved his face from the GCPD lock up and wore it over his skinless head for dramatic effect. This was one of the creepiest things that the Joker has ever done.


Superman And Wonderwoman Kill Untold Millions

Every Batman fan is familiar with Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Strikes Again. But what fans may not know is that Miller wrote some sequels to these comics that are not as well known. The reason for that is the fact that Miller continued to escalate the gore and sex in these sequels. In of them, he depicted Wonderwoman and Superman having sex while descending to earth. No one minds a bit of consensual love-making but it is later revealed that their sex in the atmosphere caused violent earthquakes on earth killing millions.


The Pedophile Green Lantern

Hal Jordan is an intergalactic casanova. This is a very well-known fact among every comic reader. But did you know that this Green Lantern once dated a 13 yr-old called Arisa? This girl also had a crush on Jordan but he kept his distance until her power ring gave her the body of a young woman. So Hal dated her, despite her still being 13. He even made a joke about “not being a child molester”.


Woman In Refrigerator

Alexandra Dewitt used to date Kyle Rayner, a Green Lanter in DC comics. She died a gruesome death when Major Force killed her and stuffed her into a refrigerator. When Kyle discovered her body he became absolutely furious and used his powers and maximum effort to put a stop to the villain. This was the original “Woman in the refrigerator” moment. After this, DC and other fictional companies got more careful about not killing women merely to motivate their male superheroes.


The Killing Joke

Horrible moments in DC comics

When it comes to disturbing scenes and most horrible moments in DC comics, there might be some kind of leaderboard that is dominated by Alan Moore. The man is a legendary writer but his writing style and genre of storytelling are always so heavy-handed. Take The Killing Joke for instance. To “break” Gordon, The Joker kidnaps him, strips him naked, and forces him to look at naked photos of his daughter who is lying on the floor and bleeding from the bullet that the Joker put in her spine.


Sue Dibny Got Raped

In one of the most disturbing moments in DC comics, Sue Dibany was raped by Dr. Light in the Justice League satellite. It happened when the heroes were out of the tower, including her husband The Elongated Man. The premise of rape is quite disturbing in and of itself. But the way it happened in the comics scarred us for a long time.


Arsenal’s Esacapade On Heroin

Drug addiction is a real problem. The comics have addressed these issues in various stories but none more so than the character of Arsenal. This was the grown-up version of Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy. Speedy had a heroin problem and after an incident of erectile dysfunction, he got high and beat up a bunch of homeless people to save a dead cat he thought was his daughter. Truly one of the most horrible moments in DC comics.


What are your thoughts on these most horrible moments in DC comics? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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