Why Green Goblin Has A New Glider In Spider-Man: No Way Home

After weeks of no new updates, Marvel Studios just released the official No Way Home poster. The long-awaited poster was a little different from the one that appeared on an Australian bus. The new poster featured a completely different background with more hints teasing the villains of the movie. And we think we spotted something really interesting in those hints. Apparently, Green Goblin has a new Glider!

The magnified view of Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin in the background features the Goblin on a different glider than the one we last saw him on. So, what does it mean for the villain?


Green Goblin Has A New Glider!

the first movie of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy featured Willem Dafoe’s character, Norman Osborn, attempting to try out a sort of super-soldier serum on his body. Surprisingly, the serum worked but it took its toll on Norman’s state of mind. He turned into a sadistic psychopath with superhuman enhancements, who seemed revenge against his company’s shareholders. To use his new abilities more fatally, he started using a modified armor suit, built by Oscorp. He even got a glider which gave him the ability to fly and some extra space for keeping his infamous pumpkin bombs.


However, His glider turned out to be more fatal than we initially thought, as it was the glider that killed the Goblin. But this was not the last time we saw the glider. James Franco’s Harry Osborn rode the glider to exact revenge on Spider-Man when he thought that he was the one who killed his father, the OG Green Goblin. However, his version of the glider was more inspired by a skateboard than from the original. Years later, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 saw Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn experiment on himself to cure a disease that might be his doom. However, he ended up becoming the Green Goblin and rode an extremely advanced glider which was different from both of its previous iterations.


Green Goblin Has A New Glider

Now that Willem Dafoe will be back to reprise his role, he might be seen on a new glider. At least that is what the fans have gathered from the latest poster. But for anyone who is still asking about how the heck he came back from the deadlands, please leave that mystery for some other time. All we are discussing now is how the heck he got his hands on a new and (probably) advanced glider.



We have already observed the upgrade in Doc Ock’s tentacles. His tentacles now feature a hot red shade, signature to Stark’s Iron Man suit. We saw Doc Ock strangling Tom Holand’s Spider-Man between his tentacles and we know that Petey will fashion a new suit for this movie. So this could mean that the Doc is successful in destroying the suit and exploiting its advanced tech. After all, Doc Ock’s suit, though quite advanced, is no match against Stark’s tech. If you want to read into this theory in-depth, click here.


Green Goblin Has A New Glider

Now, as for Green Goblin’s glider, if Doc Ock can get an upgrade, why can’t the evil genius Norman Osborn. MCU’s technology is obviously way more advanced than what the villains had back in their time. So, it seems understandable that they chose to upgrade their gear to fight the upgraded version of Spider-Man. And if all our wishes come true this Christmas, and we see all three Spider-Men, these little upgrades will ensure that we get the climax battle we want.



Image Credits: The Direct

The old glider may have been loaded with the best technology of that time. However, if you see it today, it seems unnecessarily large with exposed rotors. Even the bomb storage capacity of the glider is very less. Now, if you look at the latest design, it is much more compact. It is more streamlined that is scientifically accurate. Moreover, it suits the notorious look of Green Goblin’s mask.


After looking at these upgrade versions of the old villains, we feel bad for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Even in the comics, he was never able to defeat the Sinister Six alone. And now that he is even seeing fighting Doctor Strange, we sincerely hope that Maguire and Garfield come to help him.

Source: The Direct

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