6 Most Hilarious Marvel Movie Moments

Over the years Marvel has always managed to make us laugh. Some of the MCU’s poster child like Tony Stark is the king of the one-liners. Here are 6 most Hilarious Marvel Movie Moments so far that you don’t want to miss.

 Deadpool “opening credits”

The opening shot of the movie Deadpool established that this movie is going to be a superhero movie like no other. It is a perfect enclosure of the film itself by being self-reflexive, visual impression, and hilarious.

Ant-Man “Baskin Robbins always finds out”

Comedian Gregg Turkington is better known as Baskin Robbins. He only appeared in one scene, but Scott Lang’s firing is one of the best in Ant-Man, as Turkington expresses equal parts approval and indifference while laying off Lang for the cool crimes, he lied about to get hired.

Spider-Man “Bruse Campbell”

in Spider-Man films, there was one person you could always count on to show up for a laugh. Bruse Campbell first showed up in the Spider-Man universe as the ring announcer when Peter Parker tries wrestling for cash.

Guardians of the Galaxy “Fake leg for the escape”


There is one scene that you cannot escape without a laugh. While the escape from the Kyln showed off the abilities of every almost Guardian, there’s one character who misses out on most of the action while carrying out a fool’s errand.

The Avengers – Captain America

With Tony Stark throwing around pop-culture references covering everything from Point Break to Rock of Ages, the man out time can barely contain his excitement when Fury makes a pre-World War II reference.

Howard the Duck

The first feature-length film based on a Marvel property was actually the 1986 George Lucas produced Sci-fi comedy Howard the Duck. Nobody found the horny duck funny or charming, and the movie was a huge flop. The humor didn’t work as it was supposed too, but the entire movie itself is kind of one big joke.

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