10 EPIC Moments in Justice League That Blew Our Senses

Justice League has now hit the theatres and the reaction from the fans are amazing. The movie is really great according to the fans and each and every moviegoer whether he/she is a comic book fan or not is coming out having a good time watching the movie. It was a movie truly made for the fans. Here are the best moments from the movie.

Steppenwolf Attacks Themyscira

The only cool moment that Steppenwolf had in the entire movie was when he made his entrance for the first time in order to take the first Mother Box from the Amazons. That entire fight scene where the Amazons fight to defend the Mother Box was just awesome and we hoped that Steppenwolf could do what he did there for the entire movie.

The Green Lantern Cameo

Well, during the flashback mythology scene, the old Gods weren’t the only different beings that helped in that huge battle, Earth had help from other planets as well. That help was in the form of Green Lantern. During the battle, a Green Lantern makes a brief appearance, flying into the air and swinging a giant green fist at the Parademons, before eventually being put down by Steppenwolf, causing the Lantern’s signature green ring to fly off into the distance. This little cameo actually sets up the upcoming Green Lantern movie.

Aquaman Gets Lassoed

The Lasso of Hestia compels you to tell the truth. And, the brute Aquaman, Arthur Curry accidently revealed his inner feelings since he didn’t notice that he was sitting on Wonder Woman’s Lasso. This little moment was great for the team as they shared a good laugh before the huge battle they were going to fight, and it cracked up everyone watching the movie!

When Barry Allen Met Bruce Wayne

Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen/The Flash was the heart of the movie and he provided the best moments of the movie right from the first time he showed up. The scene when Bruce meets Barry for the first time to recruit him for the team, Barry doesn’t waste any time an immediately says yes. This entire moment was one of the greatest as it set the tone of the movie and told us how great The Flash is gonna be.

Diana Almost Kills Bruce

When the team was having the debate for bringing back Superman from the dead as they figured out that it will be possible with the Mother Box, Diana spoke against the motion and opposed Bruce. The argument then escalated to Bruce actually provoking her as he brought Steve Trevor, Diana’s first love into the argument which caused Diana to lose her calm and she ended up punching Bruce in the stomach. Later it turned out that Bruce was being a jerk to her in order to push her to be the leader as she could do that better than anyone else, and this caused the team to actually come together.

Superman Eyeballs The Flash

After Superman is resurrected by the remaining Mother Box, he obviously wasn’t himself and the League attempts to calm him down, causing Supes to lash out. In an attempt to de-escalate the situation, The Flash uses his super-speed to intervene, thinking he might have the upper hand, and then he gets the big surprise that Superman is as fast as he is too. As fast as he was running, Sups actually sees him coming and gives him the death stare which scared the crap out of him and this ended out to be an impeccable moment!

The Race: Superman V The Flash

After we saw that Superman is also as fast as Barry, we actually got two moments of the two having a friendly competition against each other, which was actually a big comic book moment come alive. The mid credits scene was fun as The Flash and Sups got into a race to find out who is actually faster and the fans went crazy over that.

The Injustice League

The final post credits scene actually turned out to be a big tease as we saw Deathstroke meet up with Lex who had somehow escaped from Arkham Asylum. Lex proposed that all the bad guys should also form a League of their own considering the Justice League has come together. This little moment was enough to give us the chills leaving out of the theatre thinking that who else is going to be a part of their Injustice League.

Superman Returns

Justice League

And finally, the movie’s best and most fanboy-pleasing moment was surely the long-awaited return of Superman during the final climactic battle against Steppenwolf. Even though people had to wait 100 minutes for that, it was worth it as Superman kicked Steppenwolf’s ass like he was nothing. After Steppenwolf beats the League down, he said, “They’re all too weak to see the truth.” Then, an off-screen voice says, “Well, I believe in truth…”, and Superman reveals himself, before adding, “…but I’m also a big fan of justice.” And then comes in the beating that Steppenwolf wouldn’t even have dreamt off and we knew that the Superman we have wanted to see is finally here.

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