10 Reasons Why Captain Marvel Would Beat Superman Easily

Captain Marvel is the most powerful female Superhero Marvel has. She has not been introduced on the big screen yet that is why most fans might not be aware how powerful she actually is. Her live-action appearance is still more than a year away and that is why fans need to know about her powers so that they can be really hyped about the movie. She is so strong that she could actually take down the strongest Superhero in Dc, Superman. Here are the reasons why she would completely obliterate the Man of Steel.

She can absorb energy

Out of the many things that Superman can do, this is not one of his capabilities. Well, Captain Marvel can absorb energy and it is one of her key powers. So any form of energy that is directed towards her, for instance if you consider the Heat vision Sups possesses, it will be ineffective against Captain Marvel as she would be able to take in that energy. And it is not just Heat vision, Carol Danvers even absorbed hard sound waves, Iron Man’s repulsor rays, magic and more in the past.

She has a seventh sense

Concept Art of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

One of the things that make Spider-Man so unbeatable is his spider-sense. Capable of warning him about incoming danger, it makes him nearly impossible to hit for his opponents. Captain Marvel has her Seventh Sense, which is pretty similar to that. A precognitive ability, which allows Carol to subconsciously recognize danger even before it occurs, and even predict an enemy’s attacks even before they make them. So, Supes would fail to even touch her.

Her Binary form

Captain Marvel’s ultimate form in which she transforms into is called Binary which allows Carol to reach her peak strength and even beyond that. The level of her strength cannot be calculated practically in the Binary form and her range of attacks become even stronger. She even gains a wider arrange of abilities too. Superman even in God-mode would not be able to take down Captain Marvel in her binary form.

She is a better fighter

When it comes to hand to hand combat, we know that Superman would struggle in it as he is an inferior fighter to the likes of Wonder Woman even after being so powerful. Removing his strength or weakening it with Kryptonite would allow a skilled fighter like Batman to easily take him down. And, Carol Danvers is a very skilled fighter as she received military training both by the Air Force and CIA, so combining those skills with her powers, would surely give her the upper hand over Superman.

She is an even better Journalist

Just like Clark Kent, Carol Danvers happens to be a journalist as well.  Even before she became Captain Marvel and got her powers, Carol was a really talented journalist, a magazine editor, and a freelance writer. As for Clark Kent, he did not even know who Bruce Wayne was in Batman V Superman.

The Galactus Factor

What is even better than having the Avengers at your back if you are Captain Marvel?? It is having Galactus! One of the most powerful beings in the entirety of the Marvel Universe is on her side. When Captain Marvel and her team fought Galactus, they changed the core of his being from devourer to Lifebringer, and ever since, he has been on her side. Superman does not someone so powerful to be his companion.

Her energy blasts are insanely strong

One of Captain Marvel’s most common attacks is her energy blasts. They aren’t just regular old energy attacks, but they are photon blasts made up of cosmic energy. Her energy attacks can even increase further if she changes into Binary, absorbs, say, Sup’s heat vision, and then hits back with a more powered-up version of his own energy combined with hers. That would just melt the Man of Steel.

Her Cosmic Awareness

Along with the ability to sense and acting on incoming attacks, Captain Marvel also has something known as Cosmic Awareness. It’s tied particularly closely to her Seventh Sense. So, if Superman would be recharging himself from the sun, Captain Marvel would know about it and it would be a great source of information for her to make an attack on the Kryptonian.

Gravity Control

By now, we know that Captain Marvel is extremely powerful and even Superman cannot beat her. Carol Danvers seems to have nearly as many powers as Superman and maybe even more. One of those powers is that she can control Gravity. Even though Superman can defy gravity, but such a strong control of gravity to surround Superman would hold him for a few seconds and that will allow CM to make her attack.

Red Sun Radiation

Captain Marvel

Superman only has a few weaknesses other than Kryptonite. One of those weaknesses is red sun radiation. Even though getting exposed to red sunlight might not physically hurt the Man of Steel, it still takes away his powers and makes him no more powerful than an average human. Captain Marvel, while in her Binary form, can access all forms of solar radiation, including the red sun radiation. Once she unleashes it on Superman, the fight is over!

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