Avengers 4 – The Endgame Will See ‘The Elders’ Going Face to Face Against Each Other

Infinity Wars is, perhaps, the greatest movie to ever come out of the production studio known as Marvel Studios. The movie is a massive culmination of over 10 years of movie making. And not only that, it’s the closure (Or rather the beginning of the end) of one of the first ever large-scale shared universe-based superhero movie franchise. No wonder that the movie had the impact it did. If nothing else, Marvel has solidified itself as the staple for superhero movies. If Hollywood wants to drive into the genre then now they must give the audiences quality content. For if we want the same old adventure sorry we’d much rather go and see Marvel.

That in itself is not the only advantage Marvel has. The sheer volume of since material is also a big advantage for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They have a plethora of characters to choose from. And moreover, a bulk of beautifully written story and character development arcs. We have seen Marvel move from the brink of bankruptcy to become the industry leader in entertainment. Marvel studios today is a giant of an industry in its own right. The higher knows this and that is the reason Disney take its Marvel properties like a gold mine. They know that they will not run out of stories to tell anytime soon and the ever-expanding comic verse can accommodate any changes that Marvel studios might seek. After all, the MCU is a cash cow.

There’s just so much to draw from, every character introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has decades of storytelling from the comics. Take two of the least used characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Grandmaster and the Collector. These two are supposed to be the elders of the universe!? Do you know what that means? The term ‘elder’ is not just for show, they are literally older than our universe itself. These beings are the last of ancient races and they’ve devoted their life to serving only one purpose. The Collector is there to categorize peculiar aspects of different races and the Grandmaster likes pitting different creatures against each other in an arena. They don’t care whether our universe lives or dies, they don’t even care if we all die, all they wan to do is pursue their own ends to the end of their life.

Avengers 4 Endgame of the Collector and the Grandmaster

The Collector and the Grandmaster are recurring characters in the Marvel comics, in fact they have been at the centre of many major story arcs over the years. These two, especially, often end at odds with each other where they decide to often resolve their differences by a wager. Nothing wrong with that, right? Just a friendly wager between elders. WRONG!? The elder’s wager usually involves pitting the forces of the cosmos against each other for a contest of wits and brute strength.

These competitions are usually quite hard for all the parties participating in it and the elders have quite a little bit at stake, but the last thing they care about is the convenience of the heroes. We have seen the Collector and the Grandmaster pit the Avengers against each other nigh unlimited times, it has gotten to a point that if both them do decide to go at each other, then it’s almost always that Avengers are caught in the fray of the carnage. These two are known as elders, but there is nothing feeble about their malicious plots. These beings are incapable of empathy for they view our civilization as below their own.

Avengers 4 - The Endgame Will See 'The Elders' Going Face to Face Against Each Other

All that’s good and well, but what does it have to do with the current scenario in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, they both exist in the MCU, but they can’t be behind Thanos’ malicious schemes and his thirst for blood. Or could they? The question is not whether the Grandmaster and the Collector are returning or alive, but the question is whether they are the ones in control here. The entire MCU could just be one big game for a wager between the Grandmaster and the Collector, or it could be the end of e universe. Anything that we say at this point will be classified as pure conjecture. So, I will leave you with a thought, the thought being that we need to find out just much the elder’s control in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This fact is bound to reveal important information come Avengers 4.

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