15 Best Netflix Originals of 2021 You Need To Check Out (TV)

Netflix is a multimedia giant that has transformed the TV industry more than we could have ever anticipated. The reason for the success of the company is a dedication to the creation of high-quality content. No matter which genre you prefer, chances are that Netflix’s massive library has a show that can scratch your particular itch. So we have compiled a list of Best Netflix Originals of 2021 that you need to check out.

Bling Empire

This is an interesting show because it is a reality about LA’s elites. The cast comprises of Uber rich Asian Americans and follows their daily lives. From traveling in private jets to eating three-course meals to visiting high-class stores, Bling Empire is all about that materialistic existence. It is a good show if you want to escape every once in a while.



This new series based on the martial arts school is a welcome relief from all the gore. The comedy-drama has been doing good on Netflix for a couple of years so the third season in 2021 is welcomed by the fans. If you’ve not seen Cobra Kai then you need to.


Fate: The Winx Saga

The Winx Club was an animated series on nickelodeon about a bunch of teen girls who attend the wizarding school together. These girls battled monsters by night and leaned to control their powers by day. Fate: The Winx Saga is Netflix’s adaptation and it certainly does justice to the original show.


Night Stalker: The Hunt for a serial killer

Night Stalker is the documentary iterating the investigation process behind the arrests of Richard Ramirez, a serial killer, and kidnapper that terrorized California during the 80s. The show is told from the perspective of the detectives working the case and includes some of the victim accounts too.

Pretend It’s a City

Fran Lebowitz acts as our host in Pretend it’s a city. This show is a roast of New York. By conversing with Martin Scorsese, Fran tries to represent New York in a humorous like. All the ugly and uncouth bits laid bare for a raw and rare review of the city.


Murder Among The Mormons

Murder Among the Mormons is about the underground dealing of rare Mormon documents. It has murder crime and bombs, and it is all based on a real story. The documentary sheds light on the incident that brought the Latter Day Saints Church of Salt Lake City to its knees in 1985.

The Serpent

Best Netflix Originals of 2021

Another retelling of a criminal’s life, The Serpent follows the life of Charles Sohbraj as he goes around Asian countries committing murder and fraud. At the moment Sohbraj is spending his days in a Nepalese prison, where he is expected to remain for the foreseeable future.


Last Chance U: Basketball

Last Chance U has become a cultural phenomenon. We are touched by every new season. This season deals with basketball athletes in the East Los Angeles College. The raw emotion in the show is strong enough to make anyone’s heart melt. A must-watch for sports fans.

Shadow and Bone

A new fantasy series on Netflix adapted from the Shadow and Bone novels does a surprisingly good job of doing justice to the original novels. The series might be a little too complicated for newcomers into the franchise but the learning curve is worth the payoff.


Sons of Sam

This is a fictional show represented as a documentary. A perverted twist on the true crime genre, Sons of Sam follows the narrative of a journalist called Maury Terry came up with when investigating the Son of Sam murders. The journalist thought that the murderer was part of a larger cult and had a by ch of accomplices but none of it could be proved.


High on the hog

Stephen Satterfield, food writer and host of High On The Hog is here to take us on a surreal journey. This journey is that of food and the people who make it and the people who eat it. We visit countries and cultures and we see different food cuisines and different dishes.

Sweet Tooth

An adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s novel by the same name, and produced by Robert Downey Jr. takes place in a post-apocalyptical world where “the sick” have taken out almost everyone. The children that are born are chimaeras and things get pretty weird from here on out.



Best Netflix Originals of 2021

Assane Diop is a gentleman thief just like the original Lupin. The show is about a series of heists carried out by Diop in his attempt to expose an evil villain masquerading as a philanthropist. He does all of this to be able to clear his father’s name. This series was a pleasant surprise, not gonna lie.


Heist is the retelling of the three grandest heists in US history. The series takes place all over the country, including Begas and it has all the hedonistic tropes you can think of. However, the most interesting part is that the series is narrated by the same people who pulled off the heists.



Probably one of the best shows to come out of Netflix in recent years. Clickbait is the story of Nick Brewer’s kidnapping and murder. The story has more twists and turns than a theme park maze. The story is told brilliantly through the ambit of all family members. There are so many surprises throughout the show that no one can predict where it will go. A must-watch for everyone.

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