10 Weirdest Weaknesses of Mad Titan ‘Thanos’ You Wish You Never Knew

Nothing tops Thanos when it comes to raw, brute strength and the sheer villainy and evil genius this guy oozes every step of the way. While Mad Titan seems unbeatable on paper, the fact is he is not. He could level mountains with his bare hands and has a mind that has bested Gods, but he is not without his own kryptonite(s). Presenting 10 Weirdest Weaknesses of Thanos the Mad Titan you wish you never knew!!

His Parents

Thanos was seen as an abomination when he was born. He belonged to the race of Eternals but also bore the gene of the Deviants, the former race’s greatest enemy. His mother tried to kill him right after he was born while his father grew to resent him too. Thanos has killed his mom while Daddy Dearest has escaped judgment.


Thanos’ tryst with Death began when he was just a teenager. Believe it or not, Mad Titan used to be a good little kid. That was until his brother made him torture an innocent creature to Death. It was then his journey to court death began. He would do anything for her. He fell for her and brought billions of skulls as a tribute to her, guess what she still dumped him. Later, Thanos realized Death is having a relationship with Deadpool of all people, he cursed him with immortality.

God Cancer

In the recent issues, the Mad Titan has been contracted a terminal and deadly disease called the God Cancer. He goes to Titan in search of his father to find a cure. When he refuses, Mad Titan slays him. Thanos’ enemies are now coming to Titan to kill the Mad Titan once and for all.

The Cancerverse

After the events of Annihilation and The Thanos Imperative, a rift in the space-time fabric opened up our universe to the Cancerverse – a universe where Death does not exist and everyone is evil. Thanos tries to use this as an opportunity to best the heroes only to be later trapped along with Nova and Star-Lord in the alternate universe.

Drax the Destroyer

Drax is actually a human being named Arthur Douglas whose family was killed by Thanos. Thanos’ father and grandfather later turned Arthur into the Titan Killer Drax whose sole purpose was to kill Thanos at any cost. Drax, in the comic books, is an Eternal version of the Terminator. He can resist energy based attacks and survive unaided in space. He could even spring up new superpowers out of nothing if it aids him in defeating Thanos. He has even managed to kill him in the comics by literally ripping his heart out at the end of Annihilation.

But MCU’s version of Drax is vastly different, rarely has the Marvel’s creative team explored his back-story in detail. He is treated more as a comic relief than a serious character with an incredible amount of depth.

Squirrel Girl

Squirrel girl made her comic book debut in 1990’s as somebody who understands the language of squirrels. She has sharp claws that help her in climbing, retractable knuckle spikes, and a tail. She can’t teleport at will or shoot lasers from her eyes but guess what she is considered to be the female equivalent of Deadpool. Well, she is one of those rare creatures who have defeated Mad Titan ‘Thanos’.

As hilarious as it sounds, Doreen Green is truly unbeatable. Squirrel Girl is a mutant superhero who has defeated many Marvel heavyweights like Dr. Octopus, Mad Titan, and even Galactus. The picture of Thanos lying on the floor might give you an idea. The popular actress Anne Kendrick expressed her desire to play the character and said: “My brother sent me a Squirrel Girl comic because he thinks I should play her. I don’t know what Squirrel Girl does other than be half squirrel, but I could be half squirrel!”

Black Bolt

One scream from this guy can level an entire planet so it’s no wonder he stays quiet all the time. Black Bolt has gone toe to toe with Thanos in the recent Infinity arc and the former literally turned the latter to dust by just shouting at him. He is surely one of the most formidable opponents to someone like Thanos.

His own Ego

Thanos is an unbeatable Titan but sometimes he gets too full of himself. As a matter of fact, every defeat he has ever faced could be credited to his overconfidence. When you have the power to reshape the cosmos and you still manage to get beaten by a handful of human superheroes, you know you are a man-child. 


His son Thane

Thanos has sired countless children in his quest for universal domination. But one amongst them truly stands out. The Inhuman Thane is one of the many children of Mad Titan. He had him when an In-human woman returned home with Thanos’ child. Thanos began searching for him and disguised it as a mission for galactic conquest. He and his Black Order would annihilate planets, demanding heads of young who are in the age group of 16-22. Eventually, their search led them to Earth.

The In-human King Blackbolt understood Thanos’ true intentions of using Inhuman Codex, a device which contains all the information about In-humans and their descendants, but he tipped off Illuminati which intensified its search for Thane. An Illuminati member Dr. Strange finally found him but Ebony Maw (one of Black Order’s member) laid a mind trap for Strange and he forgot that he found Thane.

The only one who managed to best his father was Thane. Thane’s hate for Thanos is so strong that he is willing to scour the universe and killing his father at any cost. MCU fans are hoping to see Thane in the Infinity War but it’s not going to happen.

Adam Warlock

Weaknesses of Thanos The Mad Titan

In the comics, Warlock possessed the Soul Gem, something that allowed him to beat Thanos more than once in the past. Adam Warlock was supposed to be in the MCU but James Gunn couldn’t make it happen. Had he been coming to Infinity War, he would have been the key to defeating Mad Titan and driving him away for good. 


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