5 Most Powerful Underwater Superheroes

With Aquaman coming into the scene, we now would have to dive deeper (pun absolutely intended) into the world of the superhuman or mutants that are powerful under the sea level. Here is a list of some of the few most powerful underwater superheroes:


Namora is the cousin of Namor. The woman has almost all the powers of her cousin, she can fly using the wings on her ankle, superhuman speed, super strength, impervious to various attacks.


This aggressive beauty is trained as an undersea warrior and assassin. Mera made her debut with “Aquaman” in 1963, she was the princess of Xebel who was sent to kill the King of Atlantis, but late she falls in love with the king (Aquaman) and graduates to become the Queen of Atlantis.


He is the son of Black Manta, which might come as a surprise to many as he is the arch nemesis of Aquaman. Aqualad possesses the powers of an Atlantean, along with this he also has some electric powers, apart from these he is also a great hand to hand combatant.


Arthur Curry was raised on the land by his human father. After the death of his mother he goes to reign as the King of Atlantas. He is one of the most well known heroes of the DC universe and has a trident. His skills include, telepathy with the aquatic animals, control over water, supersonic swimming speed, super strength etc.


Underwater SuperheroesNamor The Submariner was one of the oldest underwater superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Dating back to the time when Marvel was still called Timely Comics. Namor is the son of a human sea captain and an Atlantean princess. He is also the Prince of Atlantis who does not really trust land dwellers but has joined groups such as the Invaders, the Defenders, and the X-Men. His super powers include super strength, endurance, and flight (he has small wings on his ankles).

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