UNCHARTED Trailer 1 Is Finally Out! Here’s All You Need To Know!

Sony Pictures’ Youtube channel finally released the long-awaited Uncharted trailer yesterday. And it was worth the wait! The trailer features Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Drake’s best buddy, Victor Sullivan, aka Sully. Joining them is Sophia Taylor Ali as Chloe Frazer. Before proceeding further, if you haven’t already, make sure to watch the UNCHARTED Trailer 1 right here:

With that out of the way, here’s all we found in this 160-second masterpiece. The creators had already confirmed that the movie will be separate from the original games. In fact, it is a story that features a young Nathan Drake and is more of a prequel to what we’ve seen in the games. There were still several callbacks to the OG scenes from the games. Besides this, the creators tried their best to preserve the essence of the characters. Here are certain things we picked from UNCHARTED Trailer 1:



The costume designers made Tom Holland into the perfect Nathan Drake. The white Henley, the holster, the khaki trousers, and of course, the watch. The effort they put into the costumes just reflects throughout the trailer. However, one thing that die-hard fans didn’t like was the absence of Sully’s signature mustache. This had been in the rumors for a long-time now, so it doesn’t come much of a surprise but it just doesn’t feel right.



Since the success of the Uncharted series, Naughty Dogs, the production company placed Drake’s rings in several of their games as easter eggs. And this movie does the same. It had Drake’s famous Latin quote inscribed around it, Sic Parvis Magna, or greatness from small beginnings. The ring had a lot of importance in the game as it was the ring that made Nathan believe that Sir Francis Drake faked his death and thus, the adventure began.

The date inscribed on the ring read, 29 January 1596, the very next day that Drake supposedly died. Nathan stole this ring and the name of Drake and created a whole new personality. And Tom Holland dons this ring in the movie.




If the game series is known for anything, it is its action-packed sequences. And the trailer just gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from the movie. And there is just one word for that, Perfect! The trailer sees a plane crash sequence where Nathan is free-falling off a plane, hanging literally by a thread, Classic Nathan! Interestingly, this might be a direct callback to a similar sequence in the game.

Much like the game, the trailer starts off with Nate and Chloe on a hidden island, as narrated by Nate himself. Their shots holding a fire-torch are similar to the posters of the games. The trailer follows Nathan bartending in a bar with Sully at the table. They exchanged some friendly banter which seems to be their signature way of talking to each other.

The trio then talks of the sailor, Ferdinand Magellan, who, apparently, sailed around the world for the very first time. According to Nate, his treasure is rumored to be worth around a billion dollars. The following scenes feature some classic locations from the games like the Old abandoned ship and the motorboat.

The movie has a real classy villain who seems to appear in a vintage red car which is seen twice throughout the trailer. He seems to be a product of the villains of the first movie and is after the same treasure as Nate, obviously. This little overlap might be the cause of the extreme violence and a plane crash, as witnessed in the trailer.



As for other characters, Nate name-dropped Sam, his brother. In the game, however, Sam neither appeared nor was mentioned before the fourth installment of the game. Sam was a crucial part of Nate’s childhood and might appear in the sequels of the movie. So, it might be the director’s way of setting up for those. Other than that, Nadine, the leader of Shoreline, is going to be in the movie. Tati Gabrielle will take on the reins of the character in the movie.

Surprisingly, Elena, the future wife of Nathan Drake, was nowhere to be seen in the entire length of the trailer. Elena was a lead character in the games and appeared in every single one of them. Plus, Elena, Chloe, and Nate’s uncanny love triangle was a comedic aspect in the second game. And we might see it in the movie too.

This is it for now. Stay tuned for fast updates in the future. Also, do not forget to write your views on the UNCHARTED Trailer 1, and our breakdown in the comments section below.

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