5 Most Powerful DC Superheroes That Are Aliens

Not all superheroes who want to save ‘humanity’ are human, more so, some may not even look like Humans and face discrimination by them. Even then they continue to do their jobs. So here is a list of some DC superheroes that are aliens:


DC Superheroes
DC Superheroes

Starfire is from a planet called Tamaran. She was supposed to be the queen of the planet in some time. Her sister who could not be the queen sold their planet, after being tortured, Starfire flees When running away from intergalactic traffickers, she takes refuge on earth and we know what happened next. teen Titans and Dick Grayson and all.


Supergirl — “The Last Children of Krypton”

Yeah, this is no surprise to anyone, the ‘Last Son Of Krypton’ came to Earth when his planet was destroyed. His parents put him in a pod which lands him onto Earth. Here he develops super senses and more powers such as flight, X-RAY vision, super strength, flight etc. He goes on to be arguably the best superhero in the DC universe.


DC Superheroes

Being the daughter of an inter-dimensional Demon sure has its perks. Raven, the daughter of Trigon is an immensely powerful user of magic, her skills also include healing, shadow manipulation, foresight and transforming herself into a demon. Sometimes her powers take over her good side too, and she becomes a big problem for he team.


Supergirl was introduced in “Action comic” in 1952, she was shown to have rocketed by her parents from Krypton (while it was destroying) to earth. Kara Zor-El has all the strengths of her Kryptonian cousin Superman, Her character was built so powerful that it could pull her own series on the television (CW), also she has starred in multiple animated series, plus a solo series.

Martian Manhunter

DC Superheroes

J’onn J’ones is a really tragic character. Apparently the last surviving green martian who witnessed the death of not only his family but his entire kind. He is said to be the second most powerful member of the Justice League after Superman. He has Super strength, can fly, go intangible, can perform telekinesis, has regenerative abilities, has 9 senses, Martian vision, can manipulate mass etc.

Honorable Mentions: Abin Sur, Hawkman, and Hawkgirl

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