4 Famous Superheroes Deaths In MCU

Superheroes are immortal beings, as perceived by us. With all the super strength, agility and speed, they seem to be hard to be beatable. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The superhero crossovers and face-offs add interesting stories in the lives of superhero characters. Sometimes they fall, stood back and give their piece of mind. Sometimes they end up losing from villains and meet mortality. Here we are counting down on four famous superhero deaths.

1) Peter Parker: Spider-Man


Peter Parker died twice in the same year in different universes. One is regular Marvel universe and another one is Ultimate Universe. He was shot by the Punisher in Ultimate Universe and died fighting the Green Goblin. Then 616 Spider-Man dies combatting when his mind was switched with the mind of Doctor Octopus.

2) Wolverine: Logan


Adamantium is what always kept Wolverine protected from injuries. Healing properties have always safeguarded him. But once he was ripped apart and his skeleton was taken out him. In Death of Wolverine, a virus neutralized the healing power of Wolverine. That’s when he hunted down Dr. Abraham Cornelius, the founder of the Weapons X. Throughout the course of the fight, Wolverine was covered in Adamantium and died by suffocation.

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